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Why Reading Is Critical For Kids….

A  study conducted from 2004, followed the lifes of over 10,000 children and families around Scotland. One  of the key purposes of the study was to determine the effect of reading on the cognitive ability of a child. More specifically the GUS study, measures the extent to which children are reading or being read to by their parents, and what affect this is having on their cognitive development as they grow up. The results conclusively showed  that children who where  read to more often , scored significantly higher   in various cognitive  assessment tests. But we don’t need studies or experiments  to know, that reading immensely  improves a child’s vocabulary and creativity. Early readers represent the future generation of  authors. Based on the latter, we have a complied  a great  list of  where parents, can find some great free books for kids.


free books for kids



 The number one place on the web to find a ton of free books for kids is Amazon. Specifically if you look at the “Children’s eBook section”  and then navigate to  Top 100 Free , you literally can find a ton of free eBooks for kids. Bare in mind that the free books for kids will  constantly change  as the authors of these books run different marketing campaigns. So you can find new books  in this section every other day. The best part is that you can find all kinds of eBooks for kids, from bedtime stories to learning the alphabets.


free books for kids

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Kidsworldfun is designed to help parents to assist their children in learning numerous aspects, in a simple and interesting and most importantly, a fun  way. Daily health, education and study tips, daily dose of inspiration and amazing facts are some of what your can find on this website. Learning while reading has never been  this much of fun. Beyond the tons of kids book which can be read online or downloaded in pdf format free, they have a huge collection  of animated books which is sure to  captivate and  intrigue. We firmly believe every parent should be using  this site as a tool to develop young minds.


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Storyjumper is another amazing website designed specifically for kids. It is a site that gives teachers, students, parents, and authors an amazing set of intuitive tools for writing and illustrating stories for kids. Their goal is to inspire anyone that’s ever wanted to write an illustrated story to get started! Their is a plethora of kids books, which can be read online free. The best functionality of this site, has to be the audio narration offered for every single book, and this coupled with the intuitive ways in which  pages can be flipped with the flick of  the mouse , makes  for an outstanding experience for kids. 

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Our fourth source to find great free eBooks for kids, would be Books 4 Dozens. We have tons of eBooks listed daily and a large quantity  of those eBooks are kids eBooks.  You can view all the latest kids eBooks listed on our site right here.  Keep in mind that a lot of the “free” kids eBooks are “free”,for a very limited time! Hence we highly  recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to snap  them up while they are still free.



Source : Books4Dozens.Com



Fifth on our list of free books for kids, is a  wonderful site named : “FreeKidsBooks.Org”. This site has an huge range of free kids eBooks.  The categorizes of kids books, literally go from A-Z. And the best part ? Every single  eBook is free. Another bonus, is the fact, that the books listed on the site can be read directly on the site  or downloaded into a pdf format. Definitely a site to bookmark for young minds.


MagicKeys.Com is another phenomenal resource that your definitely want to introduce your child to. The books listed on this site fall into three broad categories  which include :

 1 –  Books for Young Children
2 –  Books for Older Children
3 –  Books for Your Adults

In addition this site also offers animated stories ,illustrated stories and audio books which is sure to captivate even the youngest minds.

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Our last  website offers more a mixture of activities for kids, which include stories, video stories and educational games. While kids may  absolutely love this site,  we found that the number of actual stories or books is extremely limited and does not seem to be updated at all, despite  what the website claims. However we recommend checking out   FreeChildrenStories.Com before writing it off completely.

             Source : FreeChildrenStories.Com