Books 4 Dozens is an online platform that was developed to promote the books of indie authors at no cost. We realize that biggest obstacle faced by indie authors  is not “writers block” but rather , a limited marketing budget. Even the most well written and captivating novels  are doomed for failure,if the book is not marketed correctly. Our online platform will take the hassle and stress out of marketing your eBook. We guarantee that by using our platform,  your eBook sales or eBook downloads will increase by up to 80%.


Books 4 Dozens  harnesses  the power social media to market your eBooks. Our social media accounts consist of major platforms like Facebook ,Twitter, Pinintrest, Google +. Our twitter account has around 30600  active readers and authors. In addition our website receives roughly 5000 daily views. Book worms we don’t just provide a free service to indie authors but also to book lovers!  Our rating system ensures that book lovers are able to find the highest quality books no matter the genre, and the detailed book summaries, which is a requirement for each listed book, ensures that readers get a taste of the book before making a final decision to purchase or not.


How it Works:


1 – Click the “Post Book Free” button on the main menu.




2- Our free listing package is the default option, continue to fill in the details of your book and ensure that your have read the listing requirements.



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3 – Your book will be submitted for review, once approved, it will be active on our site and blasted across social media as per the below illustration :


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