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Sell more ebooks



The biggest obstacle  often faced by many  indie authors, in achieving best seller status, is a poorly executed marketing strategy or even worst , no marketing strategy at all. Unless you a well recognized author who has built a solid reputation and have existing credibility to leverage , Your marketing strategy alone will determine the success or failure of your  book. The most successful books, have a solid marketing strategy which is executed to precision, in order to achieve maximum results.

Today, we often find, that even  the most  mediocre written booksstill find success,in the form of  thousands of downloads and purchases. Why? Because a solid marketing strategy is the main  element in determining the success or failure of a book.  Having a plan in place is great, but being able to execute it correctly, in the most opportune way, is even more critical. Here are some tips that can help you sell more eBooks.






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Contrary  to what you might believe or hear , people will, often  “judge a book by its cover”. Think of the cover as your resume, when an interviewer views your resume, its your first chance to impress him or her. If the interviewer is impressed, you will often find yourself  being shortlisted for an interview. In the same context, your book cover is your “first impression”, a captivating cover can make all the difference between a book which is purchased and a book which is not.  

When using social media to market your book, the book cover is  the single most  critical element to ensure that you obtain a higher clickthough rate during your marketing campaign. The bottom line, is that people will often  only click on a link, if it has a captivating image or a captivating title. Designing a book cover does not mean you have to rob a bank or take a mortgage on your home. You can get phenomenal book covers designed  for as low as $5 on Fiver.  



The title of your eBook is the second most crucial  in ensuring a successful marketing campaign.  In other words beyond your book cover a large portion of the success of failure of  your marketing campaign, is attributable to the title of your book.  Yes, that’s right – Indie Authors ! If you got a bad title coupled with a bad cover, your book  will be doomed for failure  despite your best marketing efforts.  A good title is one that is creative and captures a readers attention, often leaving them intrigued and curious, which thus results in a higher  conversion and thus higher sales.  In converse a bad title will seriously damage your marketing campaign, despite your best efforts.

As a simple example, lets say if we wrote a book  called : “How to burn fat fast” , most people who saw your  post on what ever medium you used, will probably not even bother to click the link in your post or click the post itself unless it had an exceptional cover image to make up for the poor title.

If contrast if we used a book title like  : “Fast and effective ways to burn fat that you never knew existed”. What do you think would happen  ? Does  this title  not capture the readers attention ?  Does it not pose a “silent question”? The viewer of the post will start to wonder , are there fast and effective methods to loose fat ? Methods which i never knew existed ?  What do you think the end result will be ? Simple! A higher click through rate on your post and thus potentially  more sales.






✓ Captivates or  hold a user or readers attention
✓ Poses a “silent question” if possible
✓ Not too  informative – Don’t give away too much about your book! Curiosity will almost certainty result in more downloads and purchases!





YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY SHOULD BE CREATED BEFORE YOUR BOOK IS LISTED ON AMAZON. There is an  age-old saying  that goes like this: “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN THEN YOU PLAN TO FAIL”. Before even submitting your book to amazon you should have formulated a marketing strategy or marketing plan that you  going to use to promote your book and get the word out.


If you are, one of those authors who use the PUBLISH AND PRAY” approach, then we afraid to tell you, that god can only help those who help themselves. Publish and pray is a method used  by some in the SEO industry, where they publish a great piece of content on their website and pray it gets found. Experts in  the SEO arena, will tell you this method does not work very well  for websites and it most certainly does not work for books.


Here is what you need to do :


1 – Identify your target market 

Who are you trying to sell your book to ? Who would be interested in your book ? Who would benefit from your book? You need to ask yourself these questions, so that you can really narrow down your target market. If  you wrote a book on :  ” How to become an expert in programming”, then your book  is of no use to someone studying to become a doctor. At the same time, you also need to think “out of the box”.  While your book on programming may not  benefit a  student studying to be a doctor it may well be of interest to  someone, who is studying to be a doctor, but has an interest in developing computer games.






2- Use a Mind Map  

When planning your marketing strategy one of  the most effective tools you can use is  mind map software. It really helps you to visualize and drill-down. For example if i used Facebook as a method to promote my book, under Facebook , i may  use Facebook pages, Facebook groups and Facebook posts that tag friends. You get the point, the beauty of this approach is you really get to drill-down and fine tune your marketing strategy. If you are using Windows you can download mind map software free from the app store, if no,t you can use a free online based mind map software located here.





2- Create banners,Facebook group,page and profile covers and  a Twitter header cover

Once you have your book cover designed its time to create some banners and cover photos  that will be used to market your book. To be precise, here is a checklist :

 Banner ads
 Facebook  Profile Cover Photo
 Facebook Page Cover Photo
 Facebook Group Cover Photo
 Twitter Cover Photo
 A trailer for your book


Banner ads :

Lets start of with general banner ads, you are going to need a few of these for your website or any other 3rd party website you plan on advertising on.   Ad banners can be easily made in a matter of minutes, using  a banner snack free account and your book cover’s png file . It is extremely easily and there are a few tutorials on the site to guide you through the process, however if you feel this is  a bit  complex, then we would recommend you use fiver to create these banner ads. Here is a fantastic gig, that includes 6 different banner sizes for $5. These banners can be placed on your website, or used in your Facebook and Twitter ads, as they are just static images.



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Facebook covers  and  your twitter cover :

Firstly, you need to remember that all four of these covers  are different  dimensions. So you  cannot use the same cover for all three purposes. Now at this point, some of you may be asking, do i need a group cover if i don’t own a Facebook group ? Yes you do!  Using your Facebook profile cover and Facebook group cover is an effective means of generating many eyeballs on your book (the same applies to twitter).  Try to  apply these cover photos  a few days before your book launches. Now, unless you a graphics designer by trade, we would highly advise that you turn to fiver to create all cover photos, it will only set you back $15 in total.



Facebook Cover Photo




Creating a book trailer:

A ton of authors underestimate the power of book trailers.  Book trailers are one of the most effective means of  generating awareness about your book, at the end of the day, the more eyeballs you can get on your book the better. One thing we noticed on our Facebook group (CLICK HERE TO JOIN). A normal book ad, posted in our group   reaches 100 – 300 people organically (depending on a few factors such as shares and number of books posted per day). After that, as more book ads are posted in the group, the first book is  lost and fails to generate any more views.


The average video trailer in contrast, generates 4500 – 6000 views over  a  short space of time, and it often results in greater engagement which then pushes it back to the top of the group generating more views and more interaction! You get the point! Lets not stop there! If you own a Facebook page, you can now use video covers instead of photo covers! This way your book is constantly exposed to a ton of people every single day!! Most authors tend to not use book trailers because they think it may require a second mortgage.  Book trailers are not expensive , so erase that misconception from your head! Here is a gig on fiver that will set you back only $5.


2 – Create a website

This is where most authors tend to lock up. Creating a website is  really not hard ! Using a content management system like wordpress  is very easy and your website can be setup in mere minutes. Here is a complete guide on how to setup wordpress however if you find it to be over technical,  then ……..guess what ? You can get the job done with a fiver gig.

The purpose of your website should be to provide quality content to its readers. For example if you wrote a book on “Learn Photoshop in 10 Days” , then you may write an article on top 5 places on the web to learn Photoshop  and another on “Photoshop tips and tricks”, you get the point! In each of your articles you can slip in a contextual link to your book on amazon. Your articles  and your website need to fully optimized for SEO and  in a perfect world ,you should be doing keyword research before writing your articles, Again !  Turn to fiver if you not technical.

You should also  be utilizing your banner ads on your website. At least one banner ad should be used below the fold and one should be used in the content of your article. Remember the purpose of the website is not exclusively   for advertising your book, email marketing  should be one of your core marketing strategies. And a website is one key way to build an email list.








3- Build up your social media following 

Facebook and twitter are the two largest social media platforms in use today!  If you not leveraging the power of these  two giant  social media networks to propel your book sales, then  your marketing campaign is seriously flawed. Twitter offers you a chance to focus more on your target market, for example if your book  was about weight loss then you would follow all the followers of an  account that focuses on fitness and weight loss. Facebook in contrast, allows your to reach a large number of people, but most,from outside of  your potential target market,unless you running Facebook ads which can then  be laser-targeted, and thus result in a very high conversion rate. Either way, you need to make more friends, join more “related groups” and get more followers!







3-  Email Marketing 

An email list is one of the most  under valued tool to market an eBook. The fact is that authors who do email marketing sell more books then those who do not. It really is simple  maths — the more people you are able to tell about your books, the more impressions your book gets and  the more sales you will achieve.  The problem is you will need to build an email  subscriber base, and to do  this, you could,  add a link directly in your eBook that allows readers to signup to your newsletter. This works well for people who have purchased or downloaded your book but what about those who have not? This is where a website is needed.  Once you have  your website you should be looking at a  plugin like mailchimp to create a great opt-in form  for your website, so you  that you can start building your subscriber base and then effectively start your email marketing campaigns.




So you created a solid marketing plan, and now that your book is live on amazon  its time to execute that plan.  When marketing your book just remember, marketing is not a “set and forget” component, it not really something that can be done in auto-pilot mode unless you have an infinite marketing budget.

Do it today , do it tomorrow and do it the next day! Don’t Stop!


Here are some tips :


1 Facebook

✓ Set your cover photos on your profile page, as well as any groups or pages you own ( this should have been done already). If you own pages, you should be using your book trailer and not a cover photo.  If you don’t  own any groups or pages, You might try asking a friend who owns a group or a page, if you can have a few days a week to advertise your book cover photo.  You can also contact admins of groups and ask them if they would  allow you to advertise your group cover photo in them, either for a small fee or a free copy of your book, if you are using this method, try to focus on your target market as closely as possible.

For example there are ton of  free eBook groups on Facebook which consist of book lovers and  authors. Join these groups and try and broker a deal with the moderator/administrator of the group. We listed some of the biggest Facebook groups  you should consider joining below.


Some Facebook groups dedicated to authors and readers, in no specific order are :


1- Books Gone Viral

2- Books 4 Dozens

3- Indie Authors International

4- Book Palace


6- Indie Authors International

7- Books, Books And More Books

8- Ebooks on Amazon


✓ Pinned posts – Pinned posts are a great way of generating a ton of exposure, again you will need a group for this. Again try and broker a deal with the owners of the bigger  groups.

✓ Execute your daily post , joined some really big groups ? Set up a schedule  and post your book to these groups  no more then once a day, everyday!

✓ Post your book to your timeline and tag as many  friends as possible, every few days! Tag different friends each time.  DON’T SPAM THE SAME FRIENDS!

✓ Got some famous friends  would 4000+ friends,leverage it! Ask them to use your profile cover photo for a few days a week  in exchange for a free copy of your book.

✓ If you can afford to use Facebook ads, you should! Facebook ads offers  laser-targeted traffic that will result in very high conversion rates.  Be sure to monitor return on investment. In most instances you will need to tweak your ads for  a while before you find the sweet spot between profit and cost.


2- Twitter

 Set your cover photo on your profile page

 Tweet your book at the most opportune times, these are the times of day that your tweet will generate the most impressions. Use twitter analytics to determine when your tweet gets the most impressions, and tweet your book during these times for maximum exposure.



Twitter Analytics




 You may well consider using the below hashtags  when your book is on promotion :






kindle ebook review

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Reviews! Reviews! Reviews ! Book reviews are crucial in determining how well or bad a book does. If you want to sell eBooks, you need to get reviews. Verified Reviews are a ranking factor, so the more reviews the better. Aim to reach 40 reviews  minimum to hit social proof that your book is worth buying, and aim for new ones every month. The easiest way to obtain reviews, is to : “give it away free”.   If you ever studied economics, you would be familiar with the term : “TANSTAAFL”. What does that mean ? It means : “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.  And the concept can be applied here, free book giveaways  will   often result in more reviews, and thus more reviews will eventually result in more sales. More sales will drive you up the Amazon charts. Hence the sole purpose of giving your book away free, is  the hope, that the reader will leave a review.





1- Find groups on Facebook

There are plenty of Facebook groups( listed above)  which is dedicated to kindle books, eBooks and indie author support. Offer your book for free in these groups,  in exchange for a review.

2- Ask for reviews in your book

At the end of your book have a simple page, asking the reader to please leave a genuine review of the book.





There is a ton of sites that allow you to list your eBook free, but to be honest, none of them come close to our FREE EBOOK PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE.  Below is a  list of the top free sites that we recommend you promote your eBooks on. Take note that each site has different requirements for submissions. eBook Habit requires that your book has a minimum of 5 reviews while Books 4 Dozens requires an average rating of 4  stars.







Kindle publishing has a feature called KDP Select. It’s a way for people who have paid Kindle memberships to check out books at no cost, but since they’re paying a membership fee, Amazon still profits and they share some of that profit with you.

The catch is, if you choose to participate in the program, you have to give Amazon exclusive sale rights to your book. Simply it means that you cannot sell your book in any other marketplace.


In the very early days of Kindle Direct Publishing, one free eBook carried the same sales weight as a paid sale. And thus  these free downloads could propel you up the charts.  However this has changed, and over time, the value of a free eBook against a real sale dropped to 50% and then later to 10%. This meant having to give away ten times as many e-books to achieve the corresponding increase in sales ranking.


Marketplaces like Barnes And Noble,Apple have grown tremendously over the last few years, and so  losing all  that  potential exposure by enrolling  for  KDP SELECT makes no sense. KDP SELECT  was a tool worth using when it was first released, but such is no longer the case.