A Few Drops of Fantasy

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Five short stories that defy imagination: a breakup, a girl unwanted, a talk amongst friends, a young boy looking for a purpose and a detective who meets his new partner. These stories will take you to fantastic worlds where not everything is what it seems… expect the unexpected.


Paula parked her car, shut the engine and
kept still. With a sigh, she released the key, put it inside her purse and
waited; both her hands dead on her lap. It took her some time to venture a peek
outside her car. Around her, the public parking lot was empty. The old and
creepy front gate, which was always open, welcomed guests to the oldest park in
the city.

Paula was easy to scare. She covered her
eyes and ears during a horror movie, she was afraid of dark places because she
had no idea what was in them, and usually feared being alone because she
assumed people would want to hurt her or rob her. Yet, for some reason, she had
never been afraid of this creepy park.

Right now, as she sat in her car waiting,
she felt nothing could harm her. The only thing that seemed to matter was the
conversation she was about to have once she crossed the creepy old gate. The
only thing to fear were words that were yet to be spoken. It terrified her.

Exhaling at the thought of what was to
come, she knew it had to be done sooner rather than later. On her drive over,
she had thought of different ways this evening would go. She thought of
different words she could use. She had even predicted several reactions to the
news she was going to deliver.

Fear raised to a level where she almost
started the engine again and fled for her life. But, that would not
happen. It just couldn’t happen. She was decided. Taking one last breath, she
remembered how she had been the one who had called him. He hadn’t called her.
It had all been her idea.

He had suggested this meeting place,
nothing more. She had requested a private place, and this park had been his
answer. They had both visited the park many times before and they were both
acquainted with it. At the time, she had thought it a great idea, but now… now
she wasn’t so sure this was were she wanted to be.

It was too late now. She was already
there and he would soon be there, too. He was known for always being on time
after all and, looking at her watch, she knew the time was fast approaching. If
only it had all already happened. What was coming was going to be very
hard and she didn’t particularly want to do it, but she would do it
anyway. She had to.

She needed to break up with him.

She took her time until she finally found
enough courage to open the door and step out of the comfort of her car taking
her purse with her. As she breathed the clean, fresh air, she wished she had
gotten out of the car sooner. It was probably better to wait for him calmly
sitting on the agreed bench. Their bench. Or… what if he was already
there? He didn’t own a car and had probably taken the bus early to make sure he
wouldn’t be late.

It was pointless to be thinking about all
that now. Instead, she had to focus on the problem at hand and then figuring
out how she would continuing for the rest of her life.

On the other side of the gate, the
concrete sidewalk ended and a gravel path started. Each step was accompanied by
the crunching sound of leaves, twigs and small rocks on the path. It was the
only thing distracting her from the anxiety she was feeling. One by one, her
feet moved forward without stopping until she could see the bench where she
would deliver the news.

Of course, he was already there.

Waiting with one leg crossed over his
knee, both arms spread on the back of the bench, was Ray.

He was quite presentable for a random
meeting in the park. Paula had the feeling he already knew why he had been
summoned and had decided to look his best to prove to her he was a treasure she
shouldn’t let go. The man was handsome, she gave him that, but all his charm
would not change her mind this time. Not anymore. She had long seen past his
façade and now knew who she was really dealing with.

It’s like they say, appearances can be

Ray had probably heard her coming a mile
away. He was ready for her. Forcing a smile, he stood up to welcome her. He
probably felt as uncomfortable as she did. It couldn’t come as a surprise,
after all. Ray must have felt her indifference weeks ago. The tone of her phone
call earlier that day had probably sealed the deal.

For some reason, she began to feel
guilty. Guilty to be causing him pain. Guilty for having deserted him. Betrayed
him. Hurt him.

But, hadn’t he caused her enough
pain in the four years they had been together? Hadn’t he taken her for granted?
Betrayed her? Hurt her? He was a cruel man who didn’t see himself as cruel. Or
perhaps she was a victim who didn’t see herself as a victim.

The truth was she should have ended it
months ago. She had been close to doing it before. She had, in fact, mentioned
something only to be dismissed by him and then convinced by him to stay by his
side a little longer. He would prove they belonged together.

It just had to stop. Her heart couldn’t
be his any longer. Her heart wasn’t his, only now it was time to
announce it to the world. The relationship with this man who wasn’t who he
appeared to be had dragged on long enough.

“Hey, Paula,” he said as he
leaned over to kiss the lips he still believed belonged to him. She had turned
her head just in time for his kiss to land on her cheek instead.

This action made him give a step back.
Almost as if he knew he had already lost the war. His look of defeat was too
sad to behold, although… was that how he truly felt or how he was
pretending to feel as his last attempt to keep her prisoner to his heart?

“How are you, Ray?” Paula asked
feeling herself ashamed at the perky tone in which the question had come out.
How insincere she had sounded, almost as the hypocrite he usually was.

Together, they sat down on the bench.

“I don’t know,” was his answer,
“you tell me. You are the one who called.” Without wasting his breath, he
added, “You no longer want to be with me, do you? That’s why you brought me
here. To tell me that.”

He always said thing like this to make
her feel guilty. He was a professional. She felt hatred towards him immediately,
even when she knew that in a way he was so mad and so sad that the only way he
could cope with his new reality was to make her feel worse than the way he was
feeling. She hated it. Him. She hated him.

The truth was he had toyed with her
feelings too many times. Too many. She was sick and tired of it. It didn’t
matter what he felt. For once he should feel what he had made her
feel countless times. No, this relationship couldn’t go on. She couldn’t go on
knowing this man wasn’t the chosen one anymore. And perhaps there wouldn’t be a
chosen one now. Twice she had failed at relationships, and even if the third
time was never to come she knew it would be best if she simply forgot Ray had
ever entered her life.

It hurt him. She knew it would hurt him.
A man always too certain of himself; he probably believed she would never
successfully break up with him at all. She had tried it once and he had
convinced her to stay by telling her how no one else would love her. No one but
him. He had convinced her once and he had thought that had been it. He didn’t
want someone to love, he wanted someone to abuse and that would not be her. Not

“You’re right, Ray. That’s why I
came. I couldn’t tell you over the phone… no matter how many times you asked
if this was the reason for our meeting, I just couldn’t say it over the phone.
It was too personal. I had to face you and I had to see into your eyes and let
you see into mine and let you know that I was going away.”

“Away where?” he mocked.

“I will not… I can no longer be
your girlfriend… I…”

“It’s because of him, isn’t it?
There is someone else, isn’t there?”

“No, that’s not it. He has nothing
to do with it.”

“That’s what you say, but I want to
know if it’s because of him.”

And it was…

“I’m going to say it again; he
doesn’t have anything to do with it. I am not in love with anyone else.”


“Then, why do you want to break up
with me? If there is no one else, then I don’t understand. What is it? I
promised I’d change, haven’t I changed?”

“Yes, you have… you have changed,
but not to what I need.”

“What you need? But you said you
would help me.” Ray protested, “It’s not fair. You said I made you
happy, and that’s why I thought I was going in the right direction. You said so
yourself, that I made you happy. What? Did you lie to me all those times I

Paula looked down. When you are in love,
you don’t need to ask the other person if you make them happy. You just know.

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