A Year Rewritten

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How hard could it be to write a poem every day? What started as a deeply personal journalling device evolved into a collection of haiku-like poems, one for each day of the year. Using surreal imagery and turns of phrase, “A Year Rewritten” takes you behind the eyes of a unique creative documenting a most eventful season of life.





I should know by now

That life is blessed and this ain’t

The year that I die


Let’s all get new eyes

Just know that I would gladly

Trade my browns for blues


“She’s like up here, man”

Time, it’s a simple question

You’re just being rude


Giving up control

For this, I’m going to need

More than a pep talk


Lives about to change

Spreading out the last Kingdom

Sing no fear at all


New name, same old sound

There used to be stories here

Now just tinny drones


What a shame that he’d

Break his ring, eat his children

And cave your roof in


The skies weep for love

It must have been a wet day

When you left the earth


I’ll hold you while you

Cry and scream and say you want

To kill your sister


Change how you start and

You might just change how you end

Breakfast is vital


Yellow like the lights

That prepare me to stop and

Take time to breathe in


Those who raised me would

Swim an ocean for me or

At least take a boat


You are far too young

To be telling others how

To build a cubby


I fear you will die

If you keep looking for God

In bottles and beds


Buses take us to

The island where kings and queens

Carry their crosses


I’ve climbed ladders too

Long when what You want is to

Build me, solid rock


Love leaves a bright stain

How humbling I find myself

Covered in colour


Give it twelve more months

For your eyes to be opened

And the Door likewise


Your realities

Pinched between car handles, I

Want you there next year


We throw four wheels out

Just as if they never took

Us to paradise


The fear in your eyes

Tentacles thrash and teeth gnash

Some scenes may scare kids


I’m kidding myself

If I think I can win time

By shaking its hands


Never doubt how nice

It is to talk to someone

Who laughs at your jokes


Sweetness in your veins

I refuse to rent from you

Treasure in your hands


You need to slow down

Rushing past those who love you

Speed won’t hold your heart


Your life is crazy

Tearing at its straight jacket

Is this what you want?


Peace in saying no

Won’t run after shiny things

Find gold in the dirt


You would have me bow

Have me smile at those reapers

The purge is coming


I hate me sometimes

Yours is the way of rescue

You’ll redeem me yet


The wind in my sails

Transform us into your dream

The chill in my bones


I want to eat with

Everyone I’ve ever known

And laugh at this life

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Andrew Rogerson