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Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals


Would You Like To Learn How To Live The Life You Always Imagined?

This book will show you how. 

Learn to reinvent yourself, get motivated and wake up everyday happy to be alive!!!

With 365 actionable suggestions, you’ll be inspired to live your dreams and achieve your goals.

Buy this book if you want to unlock your full potential! WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?

Don’t let your dreams die with you.



Josh gets up every morning to prepare himself for the day ahead without enthusiasm. He dislikes his job and dreads the traffic he will likely face. Each morning, he tries to think up a new excuse for getting out of his evening plans so he can just come home and hit the couch—and try to forget the whole day. He groans at the mere sight of his roommate, Ben, and his constant sunny attitude—particularly his morning energy. But then, what does Ben have to be gloomy about? He loves his job, takes great vacations, and always lucks into opportunities. It isn’t luck. Ben decided a long time ago that he didn’t want to make a living. He wanted to make a life. He commits every day to finding ways to achieve his goals—from simple ones like finding a new place for lunch to more complex objectives, like mapping out his career and planning his next travel adventure. Ben is passionate about helping young people and works with at-risk youth twice a week. He joined a business-networking group and “lucked” into meeting a well-known entrepreneur who came to speak to the group. At the end of the presentation, Ben introduced himself to the woman who turned a simple idea into a multi-million-dollar business. He invited her to visit the youth group. Ben knew she shared his passion for giving kids a better chance to thrive. Two weeks later, she funded a scholarship and some much-needed equipment to the center—and offered Ben a job. Josh, on the other hand, just lets life happen.


He is content to grumble about the wrongs in his world, accepting a dreary fate. He watches people like Ben who seem to just win at everything all the while believing that good fortune just isn’t in the cards for him. Do either of these people reflect your own attitude toward success? Are you just “showing up” in your life or are you taking an active role in guiding it to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams? Doreen is a stay-at-home mom. Before the birth of her first child, sixteen years ago, she was a computer technician. She has thought of going back to work for the past few years, but feels she is out of touch with today’s technology. She knows about employment training for people returning to the workplace, but continues to put off finding a course in current trends and technology. Rather than make a decision—and a commitment—Doreen dreams about feeling more valued. Meanwhile, she spends her days running errands for her husband, kids, neighbors, and friends who are working moms. They love that she is always available. Carla chose to stay home to raise her children. She also opted to go to school with them, to volunteer. After volunteering—as classroom “mom”, field trip chaperone, and PTA president, the school offered Carla a part-time job as a classroom aide. She loved getting paid to spend time with kids, helping them to learn and grow. Working as a classroom aide, Carla discovered she not only had a talent for inspiring kids, but she found immense joy from it.


Less than two years later, she went back to college at night to earn her teaching degree. She is now teaching full-time with plans to get her master’s degree within two years. Tanya and Devon live and work in the city, but love to spend weekends visiting the country. They have a favorite inn—in fact, they were married there—and enjoy the outdoor recreation. Tanya does not like her job. She mentioned to Devon that she would love to relocate to their rural getaway to run a small business. He told her that they should aim for working hard, saving money, and retiring early. However, Devon is not the best money manager. They never seem to be able to put away much money because the cost of city living and weekend escapes just about equals their salaries. Tanya sees her dream drifting away. As for Devon, well, he just drifts. Karen and Andrew met while working in a large advertising agency. She was an account executive; he managed the graphic design group. For three years, they put in long hours—including many weekends—developing strategies and campaigns for clients. Karen brought in several key accounts, working closely with the clients, who trusted her insight and decision-making. Andrew had talent as a creative director, but had some difficulty managing his temperamental team. Their relationship grew, both personally and professionally. They were discussing marriage when the agency, hit by the recession, decided to downsize.

Andrew survived the first lay-offs, but was let go in the second round. Andrew told Karen that the job loss was not a bad thing. He considered it an opportunity to do what he had always wanted—start his own small design firm. Karen used her strategic talents to help him with his business plan. Six months later, she left the agency to join Andrew, giving up a guaranteed salary to take charge of her future, which she knew would be with Andrew. Have you spent your life so far thinking and wishing about having something more? What is holding you back from achieving your dreams? Have you created your own obstacles? Dreaming is free. And it is fun to think about what you might do if you won the lottery or if you could afford the luxuries that you see others have or if you simply had the freedom to do whatever you want. Most people who haven’t reached their potential have a long list of excuses for why they haven’t.

The time is not right. I need to save more money first. I just can’t up and change my life that easily. It’s just a dream.


While you are busy making excuses, other people are busy seeking opportunities, people like Ben, Carla, Karen, and Andrew. They chose not to wait for things to come to them, but instead navigated the path to their desired futures. Your life is rich with possibility, and you are the only one who can discover the opportunities that will allow you to live your dreams. You must open your eyes to what can be, envision the life you want, and take the steps to get yourself to that place. I challenge you to stop postponing the joy you deserve. Take control of your happiness. Learn how to make the decisions that will continue to elevate your mind and your spirit. Turn your wishes into goals and then attack them with the vigor you never knew you had. You have made a great start by picking up this book. This is the perfect opportunity for you to change your life—literally staring you in the face. Jackson, an honor student in high school, was accepted into a prestigious university with a scholarship. Soon he found that coming from a small school to a large college where the best of the best studied was more challenging than he expected. He was not accustomed to studying hard. The answers always came easily, and he managed to get A’s on papers he churned out without much effort. He enjoyed the freedom of being away from home and spent more time partying with his new friends than studying. Jackson got the first “C” grade of his life in his first semester of college.


He received three of them. Not only was Jackson devastated, his parents were shocked. He felt like he was in way over his head. If he did not dramatically improve his grades next semester, he would lose his scholarship. He considered transferring to a less challenging school, but hated to admit he had made a mistake in choosing this one. His parents encouraged him to take a semester off and consider his choices, but he felt doing that would be automatically admitting failure. Like Jackson, Alison was an honor student. Unlike him, she worked hard at earning her grades. Even while she battled non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during high school, she did not allow herself to accept anything less than her best. Alison graduated with her classmates—in spite of the many days she was too ill to study. She finished high school cancer-free and with a 4.0 grade point average. Alison went on to a highly ranked college, which she funded with grants and scholarships that she had aggressively pursued. She didn’t want her parents to have student loans alongside the medical bills that had amassed during her cancer treatments. While in college, Alison used her experience as a cancer survivor to speak to groups of young patients, motivating them to keep pushing and not cave in to the disease. She also made the time to participate in races and rock climbing events to raise money for cancer research. Alison graduated college with honors in three and a half years, earning a degree in Communications. She received an offer for a public relations position with a national non-profit organization. She accepted, on the condition that she could delay her employment so she could go to Haiti to help the earthquake victims. Alison never let anything stand in her way. As a child, her parents thought she was stubborn, but as an adult, she used that trait to continually push forward, to achieve results, and to never stray from her dreams. In Achieve Anything In Just One Year, I present a year’s worth of mindful exercises that will give you a daily personal challenge. None of these exercises will require more than a few minutes of your time each day, so they do not require a massive commitment in that regard. Every assignment will build on the previous one, so you accumulate a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and guidance to rebuild, reshape, and redefine your new, improved life.


Step by step, you will discover insights into yourself and others. You will learn why you make the choices you do. Whom do you spend your time with and why? What do your relationships add to your life? What makes you happy and what needs to change in order for you to have a more joy-filled life? With every turn of the page, you will gradually craft a new perspective. You will begin to see opportunities that you might have otherwise overlooked. Achieve Anything In Just One Year is a roadmap to achievement. This volume of self-development is based on experience gained during my fifteen years as a Certified Life Coach. Through the evolution of my coaching clients and my own personal journey, I accumulated tremendous insight into how to break through the barriers we create to derail our success. My methods breakdown every obstacle that blocks your path and show you ways to navigate them. If lacking confidence, self-awareness, patience, focus, passion, or other traits prevents you from fulfillment, you will learn how to build those skills, one action at a time.

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