An Extraordinary Storm

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If you, or someone you know, are facing a challenging health crisis, difficult illness, personal injury, or an overwhelming path to recovery, this book may provide the inspiration and reinforced faith necessary to endure such a daunting journey.

For Noemi Holton, what began as a routine life event, an unplanned pregnancy, set the stage for a truly extraordinary and tragic life storm.

After experiencing 3 separate comas, multiple surgeries, and an unquantifiable amount of pain, anguish, fear, and despair – the one constant in Noemi’s turbulent health crisis was her faith in God. 

Her family was offered the option to end life support and were told multiple times to prepare for her death. Yet, even in the deepest fog of unconsciousness, Noemi prayed for God’s guidance and healing. Noemi shares her harrowing journey as she fought for her life and her family.

Today, she is continuing on her miraculous path to recovery, comforted and restored by her loving family and her faith in God’s grace. Prepare to be inspired by this true story of fear, faith, and family as one young mother embraces the difficult road to recovery. 

First Chapter:

Fresh Start

In the spring of 2011, I had reached the point that I felt Ijust needed to leave Cleveland, Ohio with my children. This wasn’t somethingthat I decided impulsively. It was my plan for a long time. After a lot ofresearch and investigation, I finally decided to leave in August of 2011 andmoved to Columbus, Georgia.

I initially left with my son Benjamin who was 5 years old atthe time. My older daughter, Stephanie remained in Cleveland for three moreweeks, and then joined us at the beginning of September.

I didn’t know anybody in Columbus Georgia. I had no familyor friends there. Prior to moving, I did research to try to find a roommate anda safe environment for me and my kids. I eventually found a roommate, a divorcedlady with two teenage daughters. So, I headed to Columbus.

The day after we arrived, I registered my kids for school and started myjob hunt. I sent out plenty of resumes. Luckily, within weeks, I got hired atthe local Health Department as a Bilingual Program Assistant. I felt as if thisfresh start was a good idea and things started to come together.

By November of 2011, with the help of new coworkers and friends, I wasfinally able to get my own apartment and moved out of my roommate’s apartment.It was great because we needed our own space, and privacy.

My kids were happy, and everything seemed to be going our way.Stephanie enlisted in the US MARINES while in high school and went to most ofthe PT trainings. She also attended college at the same time. Benjamin was avery happy growing boy and ready to start kindergarten. He also joined BoyScouts and a soccer team.

We drove to Cleveland for Christmas 2012 and I returned homealone with Benjamin on Christmas Day in the wee hours of the morning. Stephaniestayed an extra week in Cleveland and planned to catch a Greyhound Bus thefollowing week to come back home. When Benny and I arrived, he ran to theChristmas tree and eagerly opened all his presents. He was so happy and tiredat the same time. After all of the excitement we both fell asleep. We woke uparound 8am and went to the local Denny’s restaurant for Christmas breakfast. Thingswere good and I felt happy.

Later that evening, I was communicating with a friend via text, andshared with him how happy I was. I also explained that I had some Puerto Ricandishes and liquor that I brought back with me from Cleveland. I invited him tovisit to enjoy some food and to pick up a bottle of liquor that I brought backfor him.

Benjamin was already asleep in his room so, I continued toenjoy the Christmas food and liquor I brought back from Cleveland. By the time myfriend arrived, about 20 minutes later, I already hadlots to drink. I actually had a bit too much to drink and was not really in myright mind, just happy and drunk. What I didn’t realize was how this innocentsequence of events would affect my life and my future.

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Noemi Holton