Angel's Nightmare Adventure

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Hello, my name is Angel Ramon and I am in my mid-twenties and have a long writing career ahead of me the books I have written are only a few of the many I plan to write. One cool fact that you must know about me is that I'm a talented medium and can see things that normal humans aren't able to see! I own a business in Salinas Puerto Rico where I fix computers, help people with their resumes and I even do websites. I even give advice to other writers, I'm working with a fellow aspiring author with his ideas and editing his work. Also, I'm helping a fellow author get his first self-published work out into the world! The Thousand Years War Series is my first series written. However, I do have other series such as the Janus series which is my political thriller series, the Angel's Nightmare Adventure series which is my survivor horror series and my new series coming up which is Knights of Honor, my historical fiction series. I have a certificate or participation from VSA arts for a short story I wrote for them back in High School. I have always been an avid writer since junior high School.

I enjoy science fiction to the point that I'm hooked on it. Right now I'm in a complicated relationship so I'm kinda open for relationships. but I rather spend my time on my writing career. Me and my current girlfriend are still trying to work things out so I'll get back to you my fans when I'm open again. However, I've found myself wanting to write in other genres and I think that is cool! In fact coming up soon I'll be working on a major project where I will be writing a historical fiction book that will rewrite all of history to be even cooler!

I decided to move to my home country of my father in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. On the side or my day job is running a home business where I fix computers, do business cards and posters, help people with resumes and doing websites. I love writing and by the way, I have my own Facebook pages promoting my works. Hobbies include computer repair, going to the beach, going on risky trips and I'm a huge New York Yankees baseball fan. I'm also a big New York Giants football fan. When I'm not writing I'm out by the beach, home improvement on my house I just bought a couple of years ago and really just going out in the wild finding new places to explore. I like to go out when I get the chance, especially to a baseball game.

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Resident Evil fans get ready for a book that will scare you just as much as the actual video game series! Survival horror fans will enjoy this series. 

Angel’s Nightmare Adventures is a short story divided into two very different perspectives. Just imagine if New York City is invaded by zombies and two regular joes must survive the survival horror. One of the people is Angel, a seventeen-year-old H.S. student getting ready for an oral operation. Follow Angel in the first short story as he tries to survive and escape from a hospital where he is supposed to be undergoing oral surgery. Angel will find out that the hospital contains more secrets than meets the eye! The second story is Luis a career criminal turned good and he decides to enter the police force. 

Follow Luis in the second story, on his first day of duty as a police officer of the NYPD, only to end up in a mansion trying to survive and find any survivors. He is with his partners in crime, but can Luis trust his own friends or is someone hiding a dirty secret? Will Angel and Luis ever cross paths? 

A company called the Hybrid Corporation is responsible for making chemicals used in hospitals however, they’ve had a checkered past and haven’t necessarily been the most truthful of people. Is this zombie invasion a natural occurrence or is there a secret NWO plot hidden within the mayhem and is the Hybrid Corporation involved? What will Angel and Luis have to endure and uncover as they experience the invasion of zombies in New York City? Only one way to find out! Are you ready to get scared, if so read on! Prepare for an adventure with many twists and turns as both Angel and Luis face some of their biggest fears. Also, anything that can go wrong will go wrong! Trust us zombies are only the beginning. Prepare for a survival horror adventure where anything is possible and regular animals such as frogs and spiders become your worse nightmare. One piece of advice, don’t read this book in the dark, you may suffer from nightmares! Enjoy the ride!

Chapter 1

It’s eight in the morning and young adult named, Angel nervously awaits his jaw reconstruction surgery that he needs to repair an overbite that he has. He’s 17 preparing to enter senior year of High School. He is an A student in school, but still manages to maintain a healthy social life and is actually well respected in school, even by the popular kids.

The overbite was caused by the constant sucking of his thumb when he was younger, he didn’t stop sucking his thumb until the age of eight. He would go through most of elementary school being picked on for having such an overbite. It was so bad many of his classmates back then called him the butt tooth rabbit. The bullying did calm down as he got into middle school and he got his braces put in. The braces on his teeth were supposed to push the teeth in, but the overbite was too severe to repair with braces, so the orthodontist recommended either surgery or live the rest of his life the way he was. He made the decision that he didn’t want to grow up with his kids seeing his ugly looking overbite.

That was back in May, it’s now July. There are only two months until school starts again. While he wants to look good for the girls when he gets back to school, he becomes very nervous as his time to go under the knife approaches. He’s with his mother and father who try to comfort him as he prepares to go into the operating room.

His father says calmly, “Don’t worry you’ll be alright in time for school, I know you want that good looking girl in school.”

His mother in Spanish says, “God will always be with you, have faith and you’ll be fine. I love you my son!”

He is hesitant to go into the operating room. In fact he makes a run for the exit. The surgeon calls for security, Angel’s mother and father also chase him down. He realizes taking the elevator isn’t an option so he heads for the stairway.

The surgeon screams, “Harrison! We got a runner heading towards the stairs on the 8th floor. Make sure you have guards waiting for him in either direction, he is going straight for the exit.”

Harrison replies ready, “10-4 chief. Don’t worry I know Angel very well, we always been buddies every time he’s come for his appointments.”

Harrison is head of security of Woodhull Hospital located in Brooklyn, New York. He’s the one to always check for ID cards when people are coming in for their appointments and makes sure things are rolling along properly. Woodhull hospital is a rather big building, but he knows the building inside and out.

Guards are waiting for Angel on the 9th floor, but he’s no where to been seen. There are also officers on the 8th floor waiting for him. Once of the guards on the 8th floor spots him, but he takes off so quickly that the guard barely notices him. The guard pages Harrison that he is heading downstairs and to have guards on the ready by the main and back exits. He gets all the way down to the first floor and figures to use the back exit as the main exit was probably going to be well guarded. However to his shock Harrison is waiting for him right by the back exit and grabs him by the arm.

Harrison pages the surgeon, “I got Angel and he’s ok!” Angel’s parents are relieved to hear that their son has been recovered.

Harrison asks Angel, “Why did you try to run away just now, I thought you said you weren’t scared of the operation?”

Angel answers while stuttering, “I did… but ever since playing this new video game involving zombies and a hospital… I’ve been having bad dreams about the hospital… infested with zombies!”

Harrison asks him, “Have you played that game after midnight?”

“Yes I have and it’s much scarier at night, but the sound effects sound cooler at nighttime.”

“That’s what is what probably has you scared to your pants, I don’t let my son play that game after midnight! Listen kid you need to go back upstairs, your operation is scheduled to start soon. I promise you’ll be ok. You’re in the hands of experts, besides you’ll be asleep through the actual operation anyway. Think of it as a really long sleep you’re about to enjoy, one you haven’t had in years. Now come on Angel, you’re a big boy!”

Angel replies in submission, “Fine you win Harrison, besides what are the odds of zombies ever coming alive. There’s this one girl I really want to impress in High School and her name is Tiffany. I almost have her in my hands, just have to get rid of her boyfriend she has now.”

Harrison responds while laughing, “After this surgery you’ll look twice as better and she’ll fall into your lap. Now, are you ready to go back upstairs? You got your parents all worried.” Angel nods yes to Harrison’s question and is escorted back upstairs with him back to the operating room.

When he’s escorted back upstairs, he’s greeted by his parents who are happier than mad that he is ok.

His father says, “Son I know you’re nervous. I remember my eye operation, but this is something you agreed to. I promise when you are done we’ll take care of you and you’ll feel much better about everything.”

He replies confidently, “I know pops, I’ll relax now. Alright guys time to cut me up I guess. Let’s get this done!”

The surgeons and his assistants laugh along with him. He is placed on the operating table and is injected with anesthetic to help him sleep. He begins to fall asleep while the surgeon and his staff prepare the tools for the operation.

The last words he hears are from the chief surgeon, “You ok Angel? You’ll be asleep for awhile so just relax and let us take care of the hard work.”

Angel responds while falling asleep, “Yeah I’m ok, just be careful with my beautiful mouth. I’m trying to look good for senior year, Tiffany you will be mines…”

He drifts off to sleep before he could say anymore words, the surgeons begin to put on their outfits and prepare for the operation.  Then silence is heard… 

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