Anti Inflammatory Diet: 1000 Anti Inflammatory Recipes

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1000 Healthy and Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Recipes with Easy to Follow Directions

Turn on your fat-burning metabolism to free yourself from those extra pounds

One of the serious conditions that afflicts millions of people around the world today is an over-active inflammatory response system, a source of daily misery that is usually attacked with a cocktail of medications that often produce a range of side effects that are as unpleasant as the condition they are intended to relieve.

The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry has not discovered a cure for this multi-faceted disease. Many scientists can’t even agree on what causes the condition in the first place and that has left millions of people at the mercy of their daily prescriptions, drugs that are designed to suppress the symptoms but fail to address the cause of the disease.

But a growing number of doctors and researchers have concluded that something as simple and profound as the daily diet can play a very important role in moderating or even curing the disease. Research is pointing at the rise in highly-processed foods as being a hidden source of intolerances, allergic reactions and a host of digestive imbalances. Nutritionists have also reported extraordinary improvements in the inflammatory response after changing to a more natural diet. It seems that diet really is a major player in the campaign for a healthier body.

Leading the call for greater awareness of this important discovery is an internationally-acclaimed nutritionist whose work has helped thousands of people to overcome their immune response problems. Merche Del Rey has seen at first hand how deeply influential a change to natural food can be. She has pioneered the move towards greater public understanding of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and has shared her knowledge through her writing and through her daily contact with sufferers. In recognition of the importance of our daily food choices, Merche has employed all her creativity in assembling a thousand-strong collection of anti-inflammatory recipes, each one designed to offer relief to the body whilst rewarding the senses with a virtuoso array of flavours, aromas, colours and textures. And healthy healing food can also be incredibly delicious too! Focusing on the need for dishes that are simple to assemble and easy to prepare, the author avoids the lure of complexity and aims to make healthy eating as easy as possible. The dishes follow the strict principles of the anti-inflammatory diet and can used as the foundation for a shift in lifestyle that eases pressure on the digestive system and encourages the immune response system to function normally. In other words, it’s an extremely welcome game changer.

Amongst a host of incredibly varied dishes with tastes to appeal to every palate, you can appreciate the benefits of:

Targeting the stubborn thigh and belly fat and breaking free from excess weight problems

Restoring natural, fresh and clear skin tone by fueling your cells with super-nutrients

Setting yourself free from bloating

Reducing swelling in painful joints

Greater ranges of movement and improved flexibility

Clearer, sharper mental faculties

Improved digestion and increased energy levels

The simple and most dramatic answer to the problems produced by destructive foods is to banish them from the daily diet and replace them with natural, wholesome and superbly nutritious products that will give your body its best chance to tame an over-active inflammatory response system. The answer is on the end of your fork.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.Download this amazing collection of recipes today and embark on your own personal pathway to wellness and vitality. It isn’t a diet. It’s a whole way of life



1. High Protein Breakfast Gold


1/2 c. Flax-Meal, golden

1/2 c. Chia seed

Stevia liquid to taste

2 tbs. dark ground cinnamon

1 tbs. hemp protein powder

2 tbs. coconut oil, melted


1 tsp. vanilla extract3/4 c. + 2 tbs. hot water


Begin to spread the dough out until its super thin, onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Bake at 325 for 15 minutes, then drop it down to 300 and leave for 30 minutes. Before dropping it, pull out the sheet and cut it using a pizza roller.

Put it back into the oven exactly like this, don’t separate the pieces. When the 30 minutes are up, pull it out and separate the pieces. Drop the pieces to 200 degrees F for 1 hour. They will be completely dried out at this point. Enjoy with almond milk!

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