Anti - Inflammatory Diet Series, 2 in 1 Book

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SPECIAL PRICE. Celebrated nutritionist Beran Parry shares her successes with you and shows you how to tame your own inflammatory response problems.

This programme is specifically designed to deal with an over-active inflammatory response

This 2 in 1 Bundle contains

Book 1. Getting Into the Anti-Inflammatory Paleo Keto Zone Diet

Book 2. 500 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

For millions of sufferers who live with the daily discomfort of inflammatory problems, hope is at hand in the form of this revolutionary and practical approach to healing the body. Most sufferers are forced to rely on drugs to cope with their problems and the pharmaceutical industry offers chemical cocktails that only suppress the symptoms. Doctors have to balance the long list of unpleasant side effects against the possibility of any relief that might come from their prescriptions. So, what can be done to make a difference to the underlying causes of the problem?

Leading nutritionist and wellbeing expert, Beran Parry, has been following the advances in Functional Medicine and has designed a programme specifically to deal with an over-active inflammatory response. Her book is based on the latest research into the underlying causes of inflammatory problems and goes directly to the heart of the issue. Now you can learn how to take control of the factors that produce the problem and let your body heal itself naturally.

Amongst a wealth of life-changing and eminently practical information, the book will show you how to

  • Identify the precise areas of your life that are provoking the problem and Eliminate the food types that aggravate the condition
  • Take better control of your stress response and Banish the cravings that upset your balance
  • Rebalance your digestive system and Harmonise your metabolism and boost your energy levels
  • Purge the toxins from your body and Switch on your fat-burning metabolism
  • Reduce itching and blemishes and Banish Bloating and start to feel amazing

˃˃˃ Maintain a younger and more youthful appearance

Many inflammatory problems are linked to our environment and our choice of nutrition forms a vital component in our daily experience of health – or the lack of it. A negative reaction to many common foods can eventually an over-reaction in our immune response system. The result is an inflammatory problem that can respond remarkably quickly to a change in diet. Let this celebrated nutritionist share her successes with you and show you how to tame your own inflammatory response problems.

Don’t waste another single moment. Download this important book today.


The Keto Diet has been widely recognised as an effective tool in the quest to stabilise and re-balance the body’s inflammatory response but how do we get into the all-important Keto zone? It’s an important question because the Keto Diet represents a particular set of challenges that often dissuade people from continuing with their efforts to benefit from this highly-efficient way of eating. My mission is to share the important information on how to access the Keto Zone with as many people as possible because the benefits are so helpful towards re-establishing health and balance in the body.

More than an efficient way to burn fat and lose excess weight, this super-smart way of feeding the body represents one of the most exciting breakthroughs in our understanding of the human metabolism and provides an extraordinary catalogue of advantages that could pave the way for much better and more natural ways to heal the body and eliminate the problems of an over-active inflammatory response.

Getting into the Keto Zone requires a certain degree of fine-tuning and this is where this guide book aims to be of practical assistance in piloting the uncertain waters of the first few weeks of following the diet. The results certainly justify the process and could mark a significant moment of change in the life of anyone who wants to be free of excess weight and an over-active inflammatory response.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success with your experience of the Keto Diet and trust that this guide book will be of practical help to you along the way.


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