Billionaire Blind Date

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How does a Billionaire Bad Boy find the girl he craves?

With a Blind Date of course!

You’ll smile with this Steamy BBW Billionaire Romance!

Fans of J.S. Scott, Penny Wylder, and E.L. James are sure to love the fun, sexy style of Elyse Young!

Her Naughty adventures will inspire the romantic, and Vixen, in all of us…

Joining a dating app is never the start of a fairytale–

I had known that from the beginning. So by no account did I expect to meet This Red Hot Bad Boy.

Greg is the hottest man I have ever met… So why is he single?

Since Greg appeared on my phone, everything’s changed. Those ocean blue eyes, his strong, fit, muscular arms—he’s magnetic— Everything about him is just too good to be true. And I just know that he is.

I don’t even think I’m ready for a relationship. I’ve been hurt before and I’m no Prize Hog myself, (except maybe just a bit too plump.) Do I let him keep his secrets and enjoy what’s likely to be a one night stand? Or do I demand all of him and risk losing maybe the man of my dreams?

Billionaire Blind Date : A BBW Billionaire Romance

Fans of JS Scott billionaire series will especially enjoy.

Warning. This contains mature themes. If you enjoy billionaire bad boys, nice guys, bbw good girls, alpha personalities, and tons of steamy romantic fun, then this bbw billionaire erotic romance is exactly what you crave.


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Elyse Young