Blood Huntress

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What does it say when vampires aren’t the thing most feared in the night?

Nina Rodriguez has become the most lethal weapon in the world. A blood mage trained by werewolves to hunt and kill with no remorse, no morality, and no hesitation. All that matters is the thrill of the kill, and the danger that comes with it. 

When she’s given orders to infiltrate and observe the vampire court, she couldn’t turn it down anymore than she could cease to breathe.

The sweet taste of danger was enough to tempt her, and that only doubles when the vampire king chooses her as his own personal thrall. 

He’s a temptation she wasn’t prepared for, but dangerous, and his attention could mean death if she doesn’t watch her mouth. Words are weapons in a vampire court, weapons she was not trained to use. 

She can fight off any enemy, but no one prepared her to fight for her soul.

Scroll up and one click today to dive into this tantalizingly dangerous phenomenon! 




The wind whipped my hair as I moved through the city, the thrill of danger sending bolts of excitement through my bones. No matter what, every night never failed to deliver that initial surge of excitement. Four years I’d been hunting, four years of nightly escapades into the city, and it had never grown old. Sometimes, I liked to think that I’d been born for this. That God had seen fit in his creation of me to make me perfect for melding in and out of the shadows, for darting down darkened alleys, for passing by unsuspecting strangers without notice. I knew better than that, deep down, but it was a nice thought to hold on to while the adrenaline surged through me. You were made to heal. My abuelita’s words echoed in my mind. That was what she’d always taught me, that blood mages were put on this Earth to heal the pain that others brought to them. That we were what was good in the world, not what was dark and ugly. It was such a contrast to what everyone else liked to say about us— that we were monsters who needed to be put down.


Even the other witches liked to look down on us, calling our magic ‘dirty’. It was an argument of the past. Blood mages had long been hunted by the true monsters of the night: the vampires. Through old magic bound to iron, they had devised a collar that locked down our abilities. With that creation had come the dawn of a new age. An age where vampires ruled. I shook the thoughts from my mind. They were unimportant, compared to my task. Conall— the werewolf who had saved me from the cage I’d been locked in for twelve years— had trusted me with an assignment of the utmost importance, something he had never done before. He had to believe I was capable of it, because for once he hadn’t assigned it to one of his wolves at the same time. Normally, we competed for our kills. Three failed kills in a row, and you were out of the compound. There was no room for failure in his world. It was hard, competing against wolves who were naturally stronger and faster than I was, but I’d learned to use what talents I had to give myself what little upper hand I could. I was the underdog, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t something dangerous in my own right. And the wolves knew that. A blood mage was a thing to be afraid of, for the power we had could take life as easily as we could save it. They all feared that I’d sneak into their souls and steal their free will from them. I wasn’t that kind of blood mage.


The sound of humans walking along the street outside the alley I was in had me pause, pressing my back against the wall so the shadows could hide me. It would do me no good to be seen by one of them. A hunter was easily recognized. I wore all black so as to better blend into the night, with one adornment that separated me from the usual suspects. I wore a red scarf on one wrist, something I had chosen to mark me for what I was, though it was more of an inside joke than anything. No one had dared to ask me about it, and I hadn’t volunteered the information. The wolves weren’t a chatty bunch, not with me, anyway. Seconds stretched by that felt like minutes as I waited for the humans to pass before I darted out of the alley, sped across the street and into another. The alleys were the territory of the hunters and the vampires. No human dared to enter them for fear of being taken by a hungry vampire, or for fear of running into the hunters who terrorized the city.


They didn’t seem to understand that we were saving them from the vampires. To them, we were just as dangerous as the predators who stalked the night. That was fine by me. They were less likely to get in my way if they stuck to the streets. I navigated the city that I had long since committed to memory, heading for a side of it that wasn’t quite so pretty. Normally, the vampires liked to prey on those humans who still held status. The blood of the well-fed was always better than the blood of the poor. But there were some vampires who were too weak, who didn’t hold enough status of their own amongst the other vampires, who preyed on the other humans. They weren’t my target tonight. A general in the vampire army. That’s my mark tonight. My heartbeat picked up as I thought about the task set before me. It was dangerous, but not impossible……





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