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Bobby loved to torment his older sister Amanda. He did everything he could think of to gross her out, and it worked. When Amanda had to take Bobby to the movies with her to see the new TRAVEL KIDS movie, she was furious. She knew he was going to make her miserable. When they got to the movie theater, she was very happy that he went down to the front of the theater to be with his friends. Amanda knew that she now could enjoy the movie in peace. Henry and Eva were the TRAVEL KIDS and Amanda had seen them all their movies. They had such an exciting life, getting transported to exciting places to help someone in danger. They had magic rings to send them where they needed to go and them bring them home safely.

When Bobby disappeared through the door at the front of the theater, Amanda was so mad. “What is he doing?” she thought and followed him to see. Amanda wished her bratty, little brother would just disappear. Little did she know she was about to get her wish.





“BOBBY! Cut it out!!” Amanda yelled at her brother.

Bobby continued to kick her under the table . He was ten years old and delighted in tormenting his sister who was twelve.

“Amanda, if you just ignore him,” her mother would always say.

Her mother was wrong. Bobby never stopped. He didn’t stop the time he put slimy worms in an empty box of chocolates

next to Amanda’s bed. She had saved the box to put some of her treasures in. She screamed and dropped the box and the worms went slithering  under her bed.

Her mom came to Amanda’s doorway and saw the mess.

“BOBBY! What have you done, now?” she asked in a stern voice.

“Nothing, mom,” he said, smiling so his dimples showed.

Anytime he got in trouble he would use his secret weapon, the dimples that made old ladies pinch his cheeks and say, “isn’t he so cute?“

But as far as Amanda was concerned, he wasn’t cute. He was OBNOXIOUS! And he always seemed to do his nasty pranks when no-one was around.

“Come on kids, go get ready for school.” 

Amanda left the table in a huff and stormed off to her room. At least there she could get away from him until they got on the bus. Then he would sit behind her and shoot spitballs at her making sure that he only hit her.                                                        She pulled on her jeans and pink shirt with little silver butterflies all down the front. Then, she brushed her dark brown hair into a ponytail and fastened it with a silver clip that had a pink butterfly attached to it.Butterflies were Amanda’s favorite thing. Her room was filled with butterfly pictures she painted; posters she bought with her allowance money at the craft fair; little trinkets adorned with pink, white and silver butterflies.Her parents bought her a beautiful, delicate silver necklace with a pink enamel butterfly for her eleventh birthday. It was her most treasured possession. She kept in a small porcelain jewelry box on her dresser.

“I like to pull the wings off butterflies when I catch them,” Bobby would tease. He knew it would make her cry. It was just another way he knew to bug her.

Amanda put her books in her backpack and headed out.

“Come on Bobby. Let”s go,” she said as she passed his room.

“I’m not ready,” he said , even though he was.

“Well, I’m leaving. You can miss the bus if you want to,” she said as he dawdled putting on his sneakers.

“Don’t leave without your brother,” her mom called from the kitchen.

“Hurry up,” she said.

Bobby purposely moved slower and slower to annoy her even more. Amanda got madder and madder. So, when he figured he had tormented her enough, he jumped up, grabbed his backpack and raced her to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up.

When she took her seat next to Bella Matthews, she was out of breath.

“Bobby?” Bella said.

“Of course,” Amanda answered

Amanda and Bella had been best friends since they were 5 years old. Bella lived around the corner and they played together every day until Bella moved a few miles away. Now, they could only see each other at school and hang out on the weekends. Amanda missed Bella terribly because now she had to be around Bobby a lot more.

“Hey, wanna go to the movies tomorrow? Bella asked. “The new Travel Kids movie just came out.”

“Yes! I forgot it was coming out. That would be awesome!’

Amanda and Bella absolutely loved the Travel Kids books and movies. They had  read all the books and seen every movie as soon as they came out. This would be their fourth movie.

“I’ll ask my mom as soon as I get home.” Amanda said.

“Me, too. I’ll call you tonight after supper.”

“Great! I hope we can go.”

It would mean they could hang out all day together so she would have a break from “him”,  Amanda was thinking. Maybe, they could have one of there sleepovers.

Their sleepovers were always at Bella’s house because she only had an older sister, Laura, and no brother to bug them. Laura let them hang out with her and she would paint their nails and do their hair. Amanda loved to be with Laura and wished that she had a sister to do things with. She was jealous that she didn’t have a sister to share secrets with and have as a best friend.

The first thing Amanda was going to do when she got home was ask her mom about the movie and sleepover. She was almost to excited to pay attention to Mr. Jenkins, her music teacher, when he asked her to sing a solo in the Spring concert.

“Amanda? What do you think,” he said.

“Really?,” she asked not believing what she was hearing.

Amanda loved to sing. Next to butterflies it was her most favorite thing.

Her mother teased that she started singing before she could talk and she was told she had a very pretty voice. And it wasn’t just her parents and grandparents that said it because they had to so they didn’t hurt your feelings. Mr. Jenkins had heard her singing in the hallway and said she should try out for the school choir.

She did and was chosen for the soprano section. And now he asked her to sing a SOLO! Maybe her dream of becoming a famous singer would really come true. She fantasized about singing on stage and traveling on a world tour. And the best part of that would be leaving Bobby behind.  He only ever teased her about her singing anyway.

“Manda Panda motor pie your’e hurting my ears,” he would say in a singsongy voice.

He knew she hated the knick-name he had given her.

Now she had two things to talk to her mom about as soon as she got home.

This time it was Amanda who raced Bobby into the house.

“MOM,MOM! You won’t believe it!

Mr. Jenkins asked me to sing a solo in the Spring concert!”

“Really? Oh, Amanda, that’s wonderful. We always knew that you would do something special with your singing. I’m so proud of you.”

Bobby just rolled his eyes and took a cookie that waiting on his afternoon snack plate.

Amanda was too excited to let Bobby dampen her spirits. She was so excited she almost forgot about the movie and sleepover the next day.

“Mom, can I go to the movies with Bella tomorrow to see to see new Travel Kids movie?”

“What time is it?”

“The matinee, so 12:30, I think.”

“Oh, I’d love to say yes, but there’s one problem. I have to be somewhere at 1:15,” her mom said.

“I’ll ask Bella if her mom can drop us off.”

That’s not the problem. I can’t take Bobby with me, so he’d have to go with you.”

“With US?” Amanda asked, as her heart sank. It was a fate worse than death she was thinking.

“I’m really sorry honey. I wish I could take him with me, but I can’t. Maybe you could go next week instead,” her mom said. She could see how disappointed Amanda was.

Amanda thought about it. What would be worse,  missing the movie and maybe a sleepover, or taking her rotten brother. It was a very tough choice.

Then she came up with an idea. She could bribe him with licorice, his favorite candy, to sit up front where he always wanted to sit. And Bella and she could sit way up top where they like to sit. That way he would be nowhere near them. 

Not a bad idea, but she would have to run it by Bella to see if it was ok with her.

Shortly after dinner, the phone rang.

“Hey, Amanda, my mom says I can go and you can sleepover, too. What did your mom say,”

“Well she did say I could go, but we would have to take Bobby,” she said sadly.

“Oh no, that’s awful. And I was really looking forward to going,”

“Me too,” Amanda said, “but I have an idea.” So she told Bella her plan.

“What do you think?” hoping Bella would agree.

“Well, it might work. Maybe we could get him two bags of candy,” she laughed.

“Let’s do it,” Amanda said.

“OK. See you tomorrow.”

In the morning, Amanda was passing Bobby’s room on her way to breakfast.

“Hey, booger breath,” he called out.

Amanda just rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen.

“Pancakes! Thanks Mom,” she said.

Her mom just smiled. She knew that pancakes were her favorite and she made them this morning as a way of an apology for having to take Bobby with her to the movies. She was fully aware that Bobby could make Amanda miserable when he

wanted to…and he usually did want to.

Bobby was busy stuffing his mouth full of a pancake, but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to antagonize him today. She decided the best way to get through the day without him driving her crazy was to just ignore him.

She was going to pretend he was invisible and concentrate on the fun she was going to have with Bella.

Bobby went back to playing minecraft on his xbox without a word to Amanda. 

She was relieved. Maybe today would work out ok, after all.

Amanda went to her butterfly-filled room to get back to her Travel Kids book. It was the next in the series and it was just as exciting as the others she had read. In this one, Eva had been captured by an evil 

warlord and her brother Henry was doing battle to save her.. She tried to picture Bobby fighting to save her life. Nope, just would never happen. He’d probably help them.

Shortly before 11:30, her mom called in to say lunch was ready.

“I’ll pick you guys up after the movie and drop you and Bella off at her house for your sleepover.”

“Thanks Mom,” Amanda said, as she watched Bobby gobbling down his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He’s such a pig, she thought to herself.

“Now Bobby, you behave yourself for your sister today. You hear me? or there will be no tv tonight.

“Sure, Mom,” he said with his fake, sweet little smile, flashing his dimples.

“You’d better go get ready,” her mom said.

She went to her room and took her pink purse with the white embroidered butterfly and a sweatshirt because the theater was always cold.

Bobby met her at the front door. He was suspiciously silent when Mrs. Rivers drove up. 

I wonder what he’s up to, she thought. What he was up to was thinking about the Star Wars movie that was on tv that night. He didn’t want to miss it and he would if he didn’t behave. And the thought of the licorice Amanda promised was an added bonus.

When they got to the theater, Amanda bought their tickets and the went to the snack stand. Bella and Amanda bought popcorn and soda for themselves and Amanda bought the red licorice for Bobby.

It’s well worth spending her allowance money on, if it would keep him from embarrassing her, she thought.

Once inside the theater, Amanda told Bobby one more time to behave and watched him go down to the very front row. Once he had settled into a seat he found next to a friend of his from school, Amanda and Bella climbed the stairs to the very top row, as far away from her brother that he could get. They watched Bobby and his friend goofing around and was grateful again about the licorice bribe.

The theater started to fill up and they were glad they got there early enough to get good seats.

She and Bella were talking about their plans for the evening as the lights turned down and the singing, dancing 

popcorn came on the screen. They settled in to watch the upcoming previews of the movies that would come out over summer vacation.

Amanda was paying close attention to the screen when Bella nudged her.

“Hey, where’s your brother going?” she whispered.

“What??” Amanda said, her voice above a whisper.

Bella was pointing down to where he was sitting.

Amanda squinted her eyes to see better in the dark. It took a few seconds, but she could see Bobby headed for the exit door near the screen.

“What the heck is he doing??” she screeched.

“Sssshhh,” the boy in front of her said over her shoulder.

“Sorry,” she whispered to him and eased herself out of her seat and headed toward the aisle.

“I’m going to kill him when I get my hands on him. I’ll be right back,” she said to Bella in a hushed voice.

As she hurried down the aisle, she saw the door open and Bobby slip out just as the door closed behind him.

She was so mad she wanted to scream. She was going to miss the beginning of the movie because her brother was an idiot!

She was only a few seconds behind him as the door closed. She turned the handle and opened the it just a little to see if she could see him, but the hallway was so dark she had to go through the door and it shut automatically. 

She stood there in total darkness. There were no lights, no noise. Not even the sound from the movie screen.

She started to get nervous in the eery silence.

“Bobby?” she called in a whisper.

No answer.

“BOBBY??” she cried out in a louder whisper.

“Bobby, where are you???”

Still no answer.

Why did he come back here.?Where is he? WHY DOESN”T HE ANSWER ME? She was standing there, frozen, in the total blackness of the hallway. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t even find the door she came through. She started to feel panic rise in her throat.

“Bobby?” she said in a tiny, frightened voice” and the she started to cry. Suddenly, she felt a hand grab her



arm. She screamed as she heard Bobby say, “sshhh! It’s me!”

The next thing she knew she felt the floor start to vibrate and the air became thick with a heavy mist. Bobby had hold of both her arms and they began falling through a black hole that opened beneath their feet.

As she felt them both falling deeper and deeper into the hole, she could hear them both screaming, their voices echoing in the dark.

It seemed like they were falling forever, but it was really only a few seconds and when they landed it was on something soft. The darkness was gone, replaced by a dim, soft, foggy light.

“Amanda, where are we??” he whispered nervously.

“I…I…d-don’t know,” she


Bobby looked at the fear in her eyes and started to cry.

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