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The “CV and Resume Templates” is designed for corporate executives who are looking to turbocharge their career by positioning themselves as “Authority Personal Brands”. This book goes beyond just answering “How to write a Resume” or How to write a CV”. It deals with personal branding.

A recruiter views the CV or resume for less than 6 seconds to decide its fate…and your fate. Get the first sentence of your CV template right and it will open doors for you. If your get this wrong, even the best of CV or Resume Templates cannot save it from going to the dustbin. 

I call the first line the “Branding & Positioning Line”. The rest of what you write in your CV or Resume template exists to support this first sentence.

Professionals don’t fail because they lack skill or experience or because they don’t know how to write a cv or how to make a resume. They fail because they don’t present their credentials effectively. The 6-Second Branding eBook series will help you get ahead in the race and make companies “want” to pay you more to get you. This eBook takes your focus away from the CV or Resume Templates and firmly puts the focus on your personal positioning and branding.

Expect these outcomes..

1.A credible personal branding statement that communicates your brand message effectively.
2.You are likely to get paid more. Brands always earn more. Companies will be ready to pay you more to get you.
3.It will make recruiters “want” to hire you.
4.It will put you in a position of bargaining power. Remember, brands are powerful. 
5.You will move ahead of the pack and significantly increase the chance of getting hired, every time.
6.Confidence in yourself. You will be surprised at what a properly positioned & razor focused introduction statement can do to your confidence level.

My name is Nara Kaveripatnam. I am the author of the Six Second Branding Books that help corporate executives effectively Position themselves as a brand and communicate it to their audience. The Positioning techniques I discuss in the 6 Second Branding books draw on the same strategies used by Fortune 50 companies, Wall Street financial corporations, technology majors and banks I had worked with over the past 25 years.

In ”How to Write a CV Opening Line That Powerfully Positions You” the first book of the series, I take you through a step-by-step process to develop your compelling “Positioning Line” that will effectively communicate your personal brand, position and credentials. It will grab the interest of the recruiter. 

This short 6000-word book is about writing an “Effective” first line in your CV. There is no jazz, no fluff – just plain simple positioning techniques that works today. And yes, it breaks away from traditional CV formats and focuses what works today.

Here’s what will you learn from this book..

1.The Step-by-step method to develop an effective first line.
2.The 5 components of an effective Branding first sentence.
3.The right way to present yourself when writing a resume. Professionals who miss this stay at the bottom.
4.How to bring the reader’s focus to the benefits of hiring you. (Recruiters love this).
5.How to effectively position yourself as an authority and expert in your area. Recruiters love to speak to experts. Companies tend to hire experts, not just employees.
6.The right narrative to use when writing a resume… and why !!
7.Facts tell, but emotions sell. How to subtly pack the right emotion in the first line.
8.How to build instant visibility, credibility and authority
9.And finally, what NOT to say in the first sentence

How you write a resume or CV remains the same, but what goes into your Resume or CV template has changed. It’s not so much about how to make a resume as it is about how you are presented.

The technique of communicating one’s personal “brand” and “position” changes over time, so you will do well to keep ahead with what works today. The magic lies in the communication, not in the CV or Resume .



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Nara Kaveripatnam