Higher Ground

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Every death starts with a life…

The first 48 hours of a murder investigation are critical. Witnesses must be interviewed, forensic evidence must be gathered, and the killer must be identified and caught. But what about the last 48 hours of the murder victim’s life?

HIGHER GROUND turns the classic police procedural on its head by alternating between the first 48 hours of the murder investigation and the last 48 hours of the murder victim’s life, told from his point of view.

In Detroit, unemployed automotive worker Bruce Jalopnik is found murdered in an empty field. Homicide detective Amy Delvecchio, along with her partner Dexter Lemmon, is tasked with finding Bruce’s killer. As the story unfolds, we see Bruce’s final 48 hours from his POV — as he desperately tries to reconnect with his estranged family — interspersed with the first 48 hours of Amy’s investigation. The suspects for Bruce’s murder weave in and out of his final 48 hours as well as Amy’s investigation, with lies and the truth never far apart. Meanwhile, Amy has to deal with her dying father and her long-absent sister who storms back into her life at precisely the wrong moment. In this suspenseful murder mystery full of twists and turns, Amy the detective and Bruce the victim end up having something in common — both realizing that the past is never the past… and that the future is never guaranteed.

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Vishal Reddy