The Hostile Wife (Legio X #1)

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Alice Cooper is a young, ordinary woman, very quiet and still a
virgin. Her life changes drastically when her friends drag her to a dark
party where she meets Bill, a mysterious, charming man. Lust and passion
explode between them and Alice wants him so much to accept spending the
night with him, no strings attached.Too bad destiny has other
ideas. He’s not who he claims to be. His name is not Bill, but Tom Fabius
Buteo and he’s not even human, but a thousand-year old vampire. He was
also one of the most loyal soldier of emperor Julius Caesar and still is
the Centurion of legendary Legio X. Forcefully thrown into a world she
thought was only imaginary, Alice will find herself bound to Tom’s body,
soul and mind, torn between the burning desire for him and her deep
resentment toward their unwanted bond. Painful experiences and terrifying
discoveries will teach her that she cannot turn back to her old life
and, most of all, she doesn’t want it anymore. She will prove to everyone
she’s not just a gracious, helpless flower, but a proud, strong
warrior. A fighting, hostile wife.

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Emma Black