The life & Times of Tomaso Bindotti An Italian Foundling

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These pages contain the true tory of Tomaso Bindotti, a foundling  discovered one early winter’s morning, by the roadside in the Piedmont region of northern Italy in the year of 1887.
Taken to an orphanage, run by cruel nuns, in the coastal town of Rapallo, he is later adopted by a fruit farming family.  Both his adopted parents die and he is returned to the orphanage from where, later, he is adopted by two brutish brothers, owners of a cattle farm. Cruelly mistreated and suffering regular beatings, he eventually flees rom the brothers and lives a feral life until he is picked up by the local police and taken to hospital before being returned to the orphanage, Deciding that he has had enough  of the nuns, the orphanage and Italy he decides to make his way to England from where he is recalled for enlistment in the Italian army to fight in the Italo/Turkish wear in which he is wounded. Returning to England at the advent of WW1, he enlists to fight for England. After the war his adventures continue.
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