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After being incarcerated for over a decade, Runny Clem, better known as Mini Size, is released back into society.

A few false starts later, a discouraged Mini once again finds himself being enticed by the life of a hustler, which comes with both quick money and worldly women— the very things that had led to his previous downfalls.

Will he be able to remain focused this time, or will he once again fall victim to his long list of Mini Distractionz?

Chapter 1



“Mama, Mama, my leg, my leg!” yelled the six-year-old that was
scooting around on the ground in circles and screaming at the top of his lungs.
The overwhelming pain seemed so familiar, along with the smell of smoke and
burnt rubber, peroxide, and bleach. The feeling of broken glass particles
against Mini’s skin, the sound of running footsteps, sirens, and hospital

“Excuse me, sir…, excuse me, sir, can you hear me? My name is
Dr. Gwen and you have been in a very bad accident. Sir, if you can hear me,
please nod your head,” Dr. Gwen stated while paying close attention to the
victim. The victim in this case was Runny Clem, AKA Mini Size, who had been
rushed through the doors of the emergency room like a bull in a China shop.

“Where am I? What happened? I’m in so much pain. What is wrong
with me? Am I gonna be paralyzed?” Mini fired off his questions in rapid
succession while trying to shake the blurriness. He had so many questions and
an additive itch for answers.

“All I can tell you is that you shattered your femur and have
extensive internal injuries, so I’ve scheduled you for surgery, which you’ll
need immediately,” the doctor said as he extended his left hand in Mini’s
direction to hand him an ink pen. “Here. Do you have insurance?” asked Dr. Gwen.

“Car insurance?” Mini replied, still disoriented.

“No, sir, I mean health insurance.”

“No,” Mini answered truthfully, taking in his surroundings.

“Well, sign these papers and we’ll get to work. You’re pretty
busted up inside and out.”

“What papers?” Mini asked, attempting to hide his anxiety.

“These are liability papers and we can’t perform the surgery
without them,” the doctor responded.

“What kind of surgery y’all talking about doing on me? Y’all
still ain’t told me that yet.”

“Basically, you’ve shattered your femur and broken your hip.
So, I have to put hooks, pins, and screws inside of you,” the doctor replied
straight forwardly.

Once Mini had signed the papers, the doctor abruptly turned
for the door and made his exit, leaving Mini with two questions. The main one
being, “What da fuck?”


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