Why New Runners Fail

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I don’t want you to quit running! I don’t want you to get injured! These 26 tips will save you time and help you avoid injury along your running career. As a beginner runner, I gathered these tips during my first marathon training. This book is concise and drills down into what to do and what not to do including actionable steps for each tip. 

Tips in this book include:
Dealing with motivation
How often to run
Listening to your body
and many other topics

Chapter 1



Reason #1

No Self-Motivation
Not being self-motivated will kill a runner’s career before it even takes off. Being self-motivated ties into a much bigger scheme in the runner’s mindset. If a runner’s mind has not already committed to achieving a specific goal such as running a 5k, 10K, half marathon, or marathon, then you are running against yourself.
If you suffer from a lack of self-motivation, you can try out a few options. First, find a running partner. Running partners help keep you honest and motivate you to be somewhere to run. They keep you accountable. Running clubs could be a second place to look for motivation. They meet as often as once a week all the way up to once a month. Running clubs could be a better alternative to a running partner because running clubs tend to have more than two people as running partners. You can more easily find someone to run with that is more your style. The only problem with running clubs is that they might not meet as often as your running schedule, so you still have to have a little self-motivation to keep you going on the non-club meeting days.
Social media and online forums can also help keep you motivated. After you run a session or race, post your data to a forum or a social media site. People can comment on your running, giving you praise for your efforts.
Also, don’t forget another motivator for running – losing weight. If you stick with running for at least four weeks and run at least three times a week, you will more than likely start losing weight. The key to losing weight is to not overeat beyond your daily caloric intake. Where new runners go wrong is thinking that they just ran 4 miles and burnt 600 calories so they can eat a cheeseburger. Well, this is true only if your surplus calories can offset the cost of the cheeseburger calories. The best way to do this is to count your calories using one of many calorie calculator apps. A few are Living Strong, Lose It!, My Fitness Pal, and many others.
Action Steps:
– Find a running partner.
– Find a running club.
– Post your running data to forums or social media.
– Use the benefit of losing weight as a motivator.
– Use the benefit of being in better health.




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