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First time writer. My book is Newborns The Lost Kids. Its a comedic action adventure book about a world with no parents or guardians, little food and water, and every kid fend for themselves. It gets better and better as the book continues with characters you'll instantly wish they were your friends in real life. Oh yeah and some of these kids ranging ages 2 to 12 years old, have super powers. Check it out and let me know what you think on one of my social media pages.

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NEWBORNS The Lost Kids is a book about children ages 2 to 12 years old trying live in a world without their parents or guardians. A mad scientist, Vennis Newborn, experimented on adult human beings to create a perfect body and one with the highest intellect. But after many failures with all his test subjects dying from brain damage and multiple ailments, he was rejected by the World Science Association forced to stop working on this dangerous experiment. Even his closest friend, John Oats, that assisted him on the experiment agreed and advised the WSA to end Project Newborn, the name Vennis had hoped to be admired one day.

Years later Vennis Newborn had become jealous and in spite sabotaged an new experiment that John Oats had successfully created. John had found an answer for world hunger by using the same experiment from Project Newborn and formulated it to work in plants calling it Project Life. Once Project Life was approved by the WSA and impoverished nations, Vennis’ plan had begun and to his shock it created an pandemic killing all adults, most land and sea creatures, and diminished crops world wide. Earth had taken on a man-made virus that spread so quickly that it was too late to find a remedy as the deadly affects of Project Newborn had taken its toil on mankind.

But to parents around the globe, as they began to lose their fleeting lives, more and more children had began to have drastic changes. Everyone on earth had noticed that children’s intellect increased and they began to mature in certain ways that seemed unnatural. They were stronger, smarter, independent, well spoken, and understood what was happening to everyone, as well as themselves. Their greatest surprise were kids having supernatural powers. Kids were able to wield fire from their hands, fly, change into animals, different people, tanks and planes. Some kids could blow freezing cold airout of their mouths, others could disappear and some were so smart they became scientist, which was the case for John Oats’ son Jonathan.

Years later after the saddest days on earth, John Oats’ son had started researching a cure for Project Life what is now known as the World Virus, as most children unfortunately blame his father for everything that transpired though he was framed. But in this advanced technological world now being run Alex Caldwell, Jonathan’s and many citizens of newly built cities ruler. A lying, double-faced, manipulative, clever 10 year old boy that knows the truth about Project Newborn & Project Life and has plans to become a powerful God keeping Jonathan under his deceptive tongue. Now a battle begins once a cure is found and Jon escapes with it by the help of a secret group calling themselves the Resistance. This is where the fight for a new world and new beginning takes its stand. But will it be recreated by evil or resuscitated by good, who will win?


Jonathan Eugene Oats is a small, naïve, and clumsy 6 year old boy. Though quite the chatter box, he often expresses his compassion to save mankind with a heavy sense of responsibility. He has struggles and hardships, like most in this ironically aging world, but he is far from being common or normal. This Newborn is unique, having a heart of gold, highly intelligent, and special.

A scientist like his infamous father, Jon dedicates his life work to finding a cure for the World Virus, hoping to restore what is on the verge of extinction. And now in the high tech science lab located in Morriah City, Ava, his 6 year old loyal assistant, and Jon both try once again to find a cure for the World Virus, originally known as Project Newborn.

“After all these years the virus has sustained its presence in the body, clamping itself to our cells, creating high activity in the brain. This has increased mental functionality, of course some more than others, and strengthened the muscles, which in some cases providing very gifted abilities. An adult in a child’s body it would seem.” Jon says in deep thought while studying blood cells under a microscope.

“True Jon, but unlike the adult we do not have the desire nor the proper hormones to reproduce and, we are still subjecting to childlike emotions.” Adds Ava while jotting down notes of frozen lab samples she grabbed out of the freezer.

“Correct Ava. Though our elders were unable to adapt to the virus, it has definitely increased our intellect and vitality, and yet we still remain in the state of what our ancestors would call, a child. Hmm, previous lab results show cause for this is due to the virus controlling energy in our bodies while denying the DNA’s command to mature physically, therefore allowing itself to survive. Fascinating! The World Virus has changed the interior functions but the exterior remains the same.”

“Yes, that is why we have remained the same age for decades now. And though these are obvious observations to me, the son of the late great John Oats never goes a day without reiterating the facts with his ever so supportive assistant who has been by his side days and loooong nights to aid him in all his research.”

Says Ava, sarcastically rolling her eyes upward and bobbing her head. Ava being the most relaxed out of the two having pale skin and red bow tied around her long brown braided hair. She often steers her lab partner away from repetitious conversations.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Ava. It seems after these long years searching for a cure the only extraordinary discovery is that which is already discovered.” He says smiling innocently while scratching the top of his head. “I guess after so many failures like my father, I’m starting to sound like a broken record.” He chuckled after being reminded of his rambling habit.

“Jon, your father is not a failure. He was a great man trying to help people just like you are.” She explained with her sweet caring voice. Like clockwork she often reminds Jon he’s not responsible for the way the world is today, nor his father. She turns around and pinches his ears. “Even though right now my ears are numb from the same information you give me every day! So yes, you do sound like a broken record!”

They both laugh aloud feeling a little relief from many unsuccessful attempts to finding a cure. And while they enjoy a time of freedom from their harsh reality, with them being the last generation on earth Desmond, Alex Caldwell’s right hand man, stands in the doorway observing them with an intimidating and irritated demeanor. A tall 11 year old boy with an attitude once spurted is hard to detain. Very strong, impatient, and feared, he has authority over all of Alex Caldwell’s regime.

And as Jon and Ava continue laughing, Ava feels someone in the room. She turns to see who it is, and a shivering rush attacks her heart, taking the laughter completely out of her mouth. Jon notices Ava’s startled look and looks over as well. “Oh! Hi hel… hello Desmond, I didn’t know you were there. Can I…” Jon clears his throat. “help… you… with anything?” he asked nervously. Desmond becomes aggravated then walks away, and Ava exhales a deep breath she held in after instantly feeling tense.

“That guy gives me the creeps Jon.” she says.

“Yeah, but I don’t know, he’s not so bad I guess.” Replies Jon scratching his head.

The creator of Morriah, Finnegan, and Iron City is Alex Caldwell. The distinguished 10 year old has become the only one person everyone respects, fears, loves, and hates, even in the Abandoned Lands where anyone outside of his cities lives. An unpredictable mastermind, zealous, and ambitious, this prideful narcissist has a taste for class.

Standing in his huge culturally artistic office that’s displaying old expensive paintings, tribal artifacts, and a large beautifully sculptured lion roaring on a hill as water flows out of its base, Alex is having a conversation with his best friend, which is a small brown teddy bear. He retells of his own success as a savior, while holding a glass of fresh green grapes.

“Look at my city! Look at what I’ve done when the world was lost and filled with death. Families destroyed, the peoples spirits were broken lying in despair, without hope, as humanity’s heart literally cried tears of blood and its leaders were nowhere to be found. But I, Alex Caldwell lifted their countenance, their weary hearts, and their lonely souls. I restored all mankind with my masculine hand, my strong arm, and my broad shoulder.” Alex gazes out the large vertical windows from his office into his city as the sun shines on his youthful tan skin.

“How poetic…” Said his teddy bear lacking emotion. His small teddy bear wearing his signature black bow tie is seated in one of Alex’s black leather office chairs. His best friend is the only one Alex truly feels understands him, though he hates how often he questions his abilities to become virtuous even with all of his accomplishments. He isn’t sentimental but competent and very loyal. Always there for Alex when needed.

“Yes, Teddy!” Says Alex, sharply dressed in his thin fit tailor made burgundy suit. “We will build! And build again! Having everyone come to my cities from far and wide around the globe! The age of bandits and Kogen has ended because of my hands, so now everyone shall come to me to live under my name!”

“I’ll crumble everyone and then becoming an aide to them. They will look to a leader with food and a home and I will allow them to enter my bosom. And all I ask in return is for a little praise, a little bowing of the head…”

“A little attention?” Says Teddy.

“No… All their attention!” Alex gets excited but calms himself down fixing his long sandy blonde hair inhaling and breathing out slowly. “And if anyone dare opposes me… they will regret it…”

Desmond standing at the doorway watches Alex speak to who appears to be himself. He has seen Alex do this several times before but never dared to asked who he was talking to. “Uh-umm…” He coughs into his fist. “Alex, I have an update from Jonathan Oats.”

“Desmond! What did I tell you about knocking?” Says Alex upset, feeling his privacy has been invaded.

Desmond lowers his head. “My apologies sir, I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“You’re never thinking clearly, Desmond! That is why it’s hard for you to have self-control!” Staring down his servant he collects himself and exhales. “Now… what is it?”

“I have an update on Jonathan Oats.” he replied.

“Ah, my bright but simple scientist. Has he found a new way to produce more milk from cows efficiently? It would be so nice to give the smaller citizens of Morriah that which they find to be a luxury.” Says Alex in hopes to gain even more favor from his people.

“As you’ve asked I have constantly observed Jon Oats and he has been working on the cure more intently,” Replies Desmond, “but he has inevitably stalled again… sir.”

“Well that’s not much of an update now is it?” Alex rubs his chin with his index finger and thumb as if he had a beard. “If I was wise I would have disregarded the Oracle’s words as lies, but… I can’t complain. Time appears to be my only adversary.” He walks towards Desmond and grabs a grape from his glass and offers it. “Grape?”

“No, thank you.” replies Desmond irritated by the amount of time he has spent looking after Jon Oats.

Alex pops the grape in his mouth “Suit yourself.”’ And walks towards his black plumbed leather couch and takes a seat. He crosses his legs and leans his head back resting it on the cushion looking up at his high ceiling.

“How long will you wait for this… prophecy to come true?” Asked Desmond, annoyed. “You didn’t need her before…”

“Your right and Desmond you are my greatest witness to that. We have come a long way since we first met and I haven’t needed her to get me this far but…” he yawns “I believe everything she said was the truth.”

“And if it’s a lie…” Asked Desmond unconvinced.

Alex doesn’t answer feeling bothered and silence begins to fill the room. “You may leave now Desmond. Continue watching the simpleton until something develops and inform me of anything that’s significant to his purpose here.” Desmond nods his head feeling burdened and leaves Alex’s office. Alex stands up stretching and looks out his windows watching the children in his city walking about.

“It appears that we still do not have an antidote for the World Virus.” Says Alex.

“And that makes you wonder more than you would like too, does it not?” Asked Teddy. “Even though they call her the Oracle she isn’t exactly what she is said to be.”

“No, her power is far greater than some sort of prophet. She is even more powerful than me, actually. But… it’s not her power that makes me trust her, it’s the fact that she needed me, and what I can give to her.” Alex says smiling with evil intentions.

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