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I began writing prose and poetry, (Prosetry), during my early teenage years. My writings began as something very private and very personal. It was a form of journaling for me.
From a very early age I began to suffer from serious bouts of anxiety and depression; emotions that I simply did not understand. I discovered early on that reading and writing were a healthy escape from these up and down, unexplained emotions.
As I reached my mid-teens, my battle with anxiety and depression only deepened. Like so many people, I began masking those negative feelings with getting high, drunk and engaging in other negative behaviors.
Thus, the nomadic journey that is NOMAD began.
Today, I live in Sunny Florida with my wife, Tina. We have six adult children and enjoy being grandparents to several grandchildren.
I am a public speaker and published author.

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At some point many of us have
suffered from anxiety and depression. If not ourselves, we’ve walked alongside
someone else who has. Sadly, many who suffer try to hide their pain with drugs,
alcohol, or other toxic addictions. This lifestyle only leads to more pain,
more guilt, and more shame.


Many people who are
clinically depressed, do not get the necessary help to properly heal. Instead,
they settle for a chaotic nomadic life. On the surface this type of life may
seem tolerable. However, a deeper look reveals a life of isolation and


Author Timothy W. Carroll can
relate. Although he suffered with anxiety and depression, he found a way out of
the chaotic nomadic life. It is now his deep passion to now share this way of
escape with others. In this groundbreaking book you will discover how to:


·      Walk away from a life of “self”

·      Truly understand why you are never alone

·      Unpack who you are on the inside

·      Love and embrace who God made you to be

·      Value others, especially the unlovable

·      Gain an eternal perspective

·      Embrace and master the concept of Spiritual Fusion


Although this book began as a
collection of Timothy’s prose and poetry writings, it morphed into a powerful
guide to assist you or your loved ones move out of the darkness and into the light.
Let today be the day that you leave the chaotic nomadic life for good.


It was the summer of 2009 and my back was up against the wall. My wife Kim and I had sold our house and had to be out in 30 days. When Kim first approached me about selling our house, I thought it was a bad idea at the time. However, we prayed on it, and to my surprise, I felt like the Lord was indeed telling me to sell our home; so much so that we met with our pastor, whom I deeply respected as a wise man of God, to get his opinion. Pastor Dan put a nice spin on it for me. A “safety net”, if you will. Pastor Dan told me to be obedient and just put the house up for sale. It may not sell anyway, and if it didn’t, I was still being obedient. The housing market at the time was horrible. We had a huge, stately old home and I was sure I was safe and it would not sell. I was wrong. So we had 30 days to get out. We had lived in this house for 20 years with our 8 children. We were now down to two teenage kids, Tim and Jess.

Our temporary plan (that turned out to be five years) was to move into the one bedroom apartment above my chiropractic office. Between the apartment, my office and our basement, there would be plenty of room I reasoned. Again, I was wrong. We had accumulated massive amounts of God knows what. Still, I did not panic, because I was in one of the most successful small groups at one of the most loving successful churches of all time. “I will have no trouble getting help to move”, I had told my wife. Wrong! Well, you are starting to get the picture. This is where my new friend, the Nomad, Timothy Carroll, comes in. Whereas my other church friends were too busy, (and they were), Timothy helped me move literally everything that my family possessed. He helped me move stuff upstairs, downstairs, backstairs and front stairs. He even gave me his truck to use on the rare moments that his family actually needed him.

A much worn out term, “I couldn’t have done it without you”, was actually true in this case. Without Timothy, it could not and would not have happened. Timothy turned a thirty day job into a seven day friendship journey. If there is one story that sums him up, it is that one. From that time on, Timothy and I became very good friends. You would not have thought so if you had hung out with us. We argued about everything; sports, politics, and mostly religion. We would get mad then laugh. We would laugh and get mad. It was literally the norm, storm, and perform theory of relationships in action. One time at an ‘Acquire the Fire’ event at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, Timothy and I got into an argument in the hallway. Timothy pounded on the trash can and yelled at me. I looked over and saw security staring at us and we started laughing. I could just see the headlines now, “Two friends get arrested at Christian event for fighting”. Our relationship grew into something beyond what some would call a friendship. I do not have a name for it. But he and I are living proof there is a God, for without Him we would not have met, let alone built this relationship. Two very different men of God that the Lord, for some reason, brought together.

Getting to know Timothy is what I call a challenging joy. One time after a serious auto accident I was in, I told him to stay away from me for a while. His intensity was too much for me as I needed to heal. I’m sure he was hurt and angry. In retrospect, that was a pivotal moment. It established a relationship of trust and honesty like no other. During the twenty years of getting to know Timothy, much has happened. We have grown from being competitors, (he ran a coffee shop for Christian youth, whereas, I was running our youth group at the church) to working together to bring the Illumination festival to Darke County Ohio. Timothy was stage manager for several years dealing with the likes of Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp and the Newsboys.

During this time, many of the Christian men in our community were doing an Emmaus walk. This is a three day retreat where men get together for spiritual bonding, searching and healing. Timothy went solo. He said he was going away camping by himself for two days to do the same. I loaded him up with a variety of things, chiefly being Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I called this his Timmaus walk. When He got back, Timothy was different. He was even more restless and even more, shall I say. . .insane. Out of this insanity, comes the book NOMAD. NOMAD is a book of what I like to call prosetry. Yes, it is poetry. However, NOMAD is so intense and so descriptive, that after reading it, you feel like you have read a book of prose. NOMAD has a Christian slant but by no means is it for the Christian alone. NOMAD is edgy. NOMAD is gentle. NOMAD will surprise and NOMAD will help heal you. NOMAD is not for everybody; however, if you have a wandering soul and you have a restless heart, and you cannot get into the box that man’s religion tries to trap you in, then NOMAD is for you. NOMAD is not to be read once and put down. Read it over and over again, like listening to a jazz song that touches your soul somehow. You will get something new every time you read NOMAD.

Timothy Carroll is not safe. He, in my opinion, is uncomfortable in his own skin. So much so that he was going to change his name to Timotheos Wallace for this book. It has to be hard for Timothy to live in his own skull alone. However, I have had the benefit in my life to be around great and famous people. I have spent time with folks like Martin Sheen, Jeremy Camp, and Tony Campolo. I have hung with players from the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, and was even a team physician one night for the Cleveland Browns. I say this not to brag but, to say how blessed I am, and to point out that Timothy Carroll is as great as any person I have ever met. He is a true auteur and one of the few people that I know that has followed his calling without any concern for money or prestige. The greatest compliment that I can pay him in regards to NOMAD is this; once I asked Timothy if he would read his stuff to our youth group. We had a large youth group that was very active and very sociable. I think initially it put the fear of God into him.

To put himself out there like that, show his insecurities, reveal his writings, especially to teenagers was quite frightening. If you have ever worked with youth you know that you could blow up a skyscraper with dynamite with fireworks going off and they would be bored. On the nights Timothy read his stuff, you could hear a pin drop. It was truly amazing.


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Timothy W. Carroll