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Why, hello there, new person! Welcome to my little corner of the 'verse! My name is Mina Ramey and I love to write. I started out by turning my nightmares in to stories, so they wouldn't be so scary to me. Now, I have notebooks upon word documents of stories that I can't wait to share with the world!

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Sylvia knows all too well what “loss” and “heartache” means. With the loss of her mother, and a father who was nowhere in sight, Sylvia learned very quickly how to survive on her own. Then, fate steps in and she meets Daniel, who knows those feelings as well. With his help, the two begin their healing process and become closer, but something from Daniel’s past threatens her happiness. She’s not giving it up without a fight.

In the many years he has existed, Daniel was certain that he only had room in his heart for his little sister Edith. Then, through an interesting tun of events, Sylvia stumbles into their lives. Daniel quickly finds himself falling for this strong-willed, determined woman. When then monsters from his past come back to haunt him, it will will take all his strength and determination to protect what he holds dear.

Bonus short story included!

Daddy’s Little Monster

While house-sitting one night, Jaz uncovers a plot against someone very dear to her. As she investigates, she finds herself sifting through attacker after attacker until she comes face to face with an old enemy. Now, Jaz must show him that he’s not the only monster that goes bump in the night.

~First Chapter~

is a Woman with Permanent PMS and No Chocolate (Sylvia)

am I doing this to myself?
I ventured the question to my psyche
for the 800th time that night. This was day 11 in my streak and I
was just about sick of seeing the store more than I had seen the back of my own
eyelids. I swear if I didn’t love being around books, I would have told them to
find the nearest copy of Mein Kampf and shove it up their asses. 

of the devil.” I chuckled, straightening a copy of the Hitler manifesto on the

it looking over there, Sylvia?” Tammy’s voice twinkled into my ears from across
the sales floor. She was a sweet woman, a lot like a second mom to me. It was
nice, having a mother figure looking after me. My own mother was dearly
departed, which left me a little lost and out of sorts. Tammy was always so
patient and kind with me, though. She was there with me through a lot and I was
hell bent and determined to pay her back somehow.

fine, Mom.” I chimed. “I’m just straightening one more thing in—”

loud rustling cut me off. Was that from the kids’ section? I sighed and rolled
my eyes. Apparently, people don’t know how to listen to announcements. I was in
kids’ in a few steps, looking at a trail of books that led to a dark corner.
Seriously? I literally just finished over here. I brushed my unruly mane
of hair out of my eyes as I picked up my new little trail of horrors. That’s
when the noise came again, only much louder.

No response. Of course, they’re not going to answer, stupid. I scolded

cautiously stepped around a shelf, only to be pounced on by someone. Her teeth
latched on to my arm and I screeched in pain. Damn, she had sharp teeth! The
books in my hand went flying everywhere and I could hear my coworkers calling
out to me. I tried my damnedest to get this cuckoo bird off my arm, but she was
strong as hell for such a little thing. She finally let go, stumbling back
almost into the dark corner. In the dim light, I could vaguely make out long,
matted hair and my blood dripping from her mouth. I blinked and she was nowhere
to be found. How the hell did she move so fast? I left kids’ just as I
heard a crash from the back of the store.

the hell was that?” Shane bellowed. He sprinted past me as Tammy and Bonnie
came to check on me.

what happened to your arm?” Poor Tammy looked like her eyes were about to pop
out of her head.

don’t know! I thought I heard something coming from kids’ and when I went to
check it out, some crazy bitch jumped out the corner and bit the hell out of
me!” I cradled my injured arm, which was starting to burn, closer to my body. I
was almost afraid to let anyone touch it. Tammy led me to the front as Bonnie
jumped on the phone. Shane joined us at the front of the store soon after.

it was is gone, but—holy shit, dude!” He looked down at my arm in horror.

finally looked down at my injury and it was as bad as I thought. I tried to
keep myself from hyperventilating, but that was a tad difficult with the
gargantuan amounts of blood pouring from the gash. Sadly, the fun was just
getting started. This was night when my life started going all to hell in a
rocket ship.

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