The Parthian (Parthian Chronicles Book 1)

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When Rome transgresses upon his father’s domain that lays between the
Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Pacorus, a prince of the Parthian Empire,
is sent to exact revenge. After a string of victories Pacorus and his
men are captured in Cappadocia, clapped in chains and sent to Italy to
live out the rest of their days as slaves. But fate intervenes and
Pacorus and his companions are saved from a living hell by a renegade
gladiator named Spartacus. In gratitude, Pacorus agrees to help
Spartacus build his army as Rome musters its legions to crush the slave
uprising. And so begins an epic adventure of glory and savagery played
out across the length and breadth of Italy, as Spartacus defeats the
armies of Rome and Pacorus leads his horsemen to victory after victory.
But will Pacorous and the slave army escape from Italy, and will he win
the love of the fierce and proud Gallia before the most powerful man in
Rome, Marcus Licinius Crassus, takes the field against Spartacus?

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