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There are certain building blocks used to achieve extraordinary results as well as success. These building blocks have been used through time, certain principles have been forgotten, but those principles still hold relevance today. The building blocks consist of strategies that enable people to understand their why, find their potential and leave behind a legacy. As the world has gotten more technological advanced, we have found ourselves playing fiddle to everyone’s tune and letting go of our dreams. The reasons vary from fear, doubt, insecurities, rejection or lack of self-discipline. Maybe, it’s becuase we don’t think we have what it takes or we just think that we are meant to build other peoples dreams. Whatever, the reason, many people especially millennials are discontent with their jobs and it this dissatisfaction that causes many people to wonder what if. Regret is a dangerous thing. This book shows you ways that you can start applying to your life in order for you to be more effective, creative, self-disciplined and assertive in following your vision. This book more than anything focuses on how to achieve personal success and be all you are meant to be. It’s not only a book for millennials, but for those who are looking to change their lives around.

Chapter One
What is the Domino Effect?


“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.” Hal Elrod

Here is a fact. People don’t know how to create everlasting change in their life. They have no idea where to start and how to go from there. It’s because society has written everything done for us and told us what we should be expected to do and when.

As a kid, I was obsessed with dominoes. I wanted to understand how one domino tile that falls can cause a ripple effect and make the other domino tiles fall. Most people have come across domino tiles or have played with them.

For the better part of my childhood I was enamored with the game and at fifteen, it was the first time I heard about the Domino Effect. I wanted to know more about this effect that many called the ripple effect. In my research, I found out that the Domino Effect has been around since the 50’s. At that time many people speculated that if one country fell to communism the other countries would eventually fall. It was why many countries where obsessed with stopping countries from becoming communist. They started calling it the falling domino principle.

A lot has changed since the 80’s including the way people live. Nowadays, people desperately want to change and to improve their lifestyles, back in the 50’s, people most of the time kept the status quo. Just like how our language has adapted so has the definition of the Domino Effect. It states that when you make a slight change whether in improving your personality or behavior it will then activate a ripple effect and cause a shift in related behaviors.

This may sound nonsensical because as kids we were programmed to believe that a leopard can’t change their spots and there were all those kid books that seemed to emphasised that fact. Northwestern University in 2012 did a study and the researchers found out that people who decreased their amount of sedentary leisure time each day, also reduced their daily fat intake. Though the participants weren’t asked to reduce their fat intake, they did it because they were spending less time watching TV and eating mindlessly. Because they were active and doing other things the need to eat while watching television wasn’t there.

The Domino Effect has everything to do with causation and effect, the occurring events that happen after one main effect. Everything in life is interconnected and so is success, our habits, human behaviors and life systems. It’s like a chain. When the chain breaks, the beads will fall, one by one. This inherent relatedness is what causes one choice to lead to another choice and for there to be either surprising results that cover all areas of our life. This is one of the reasons the Domino Effect occurs. The other is due to commitment and consistency. Which are the core principles of human behavior. Robert Cialdini explains this phenomenon perfectly in his “Influence” book. If people were to commit and be consistent to an idea or their goals (even in a small way), they are likely to follow with their commitment and accomplish that idea or goal.

Rules of the Domino Effect

Growing up, the concept of following the rules annoyed the heck out of me . Unless you are a magician and about to pull a rabbit from a hat. Certain rules must be followed, just like there are certain rules meant to be broken. There are guidelines to everything in life and the Domino Effect is no different.

It manifests because of something we put into the works that causes a number of events. Can one event really work in favor of all the other events? It’s important to follow these rules in order for the Domino Effect to be effective and get you the desired result that you want in your life.


If you aren’t motivated in what you want then chances of the dominoes falling is unlikely. You are far more likely to work on something if you are motivated in achieving it than if you are not motivated at all. If the thought keeps you up at night then that’s the area you must focus on.


The reason why locomotives weren’t effective was because they had no momentum. It took forever for the train to arrive at the required destination, granted transport in the past wasn’t as efficient as it is today, but steam locomotives required too much time and energy than the engine locomotives. In order to get your results and for the Domino Effect to work, you have to work consistently on one goal until it knocks the others in the line. That way, in a short period of time, you get the results you are looking for.

Progress versus results

What many people get wrong is that they are fixated on getting results before they see progress. They expect that everything will come together before you put the cards together or work in a consistent manner for you to make progress. Think of it this way, in order to be good at a skill like playing guitar, you have to work out the kinks. Practice is important, even if at the end of the day you still sound like screeching trains on the rails you continue going. You learn how to play the chords before the scales and then once you do that you learn the other tricks like licks and riffs. This is all guitar jargon, but at the end of the day a beginner guitarist would want to know how to play the riff before the lick and the scales before becoming an advanced guitarist. Progress is crucial in your life, results will come later.

Where you went wrong

If there is no progress leading up to the next domino whether it be a habit, a rise in your station or a general change in your behavior then you have to go back to brass tactics. Something happened along the way and you have to go back to the three rules to discover what went wrong. The Domino Effect can help you achieve unprecedented results.

How to achieve phenomenal results

Step One

Follow this book to the tee. Every chapter talks about something critical. That is intentional. Understand the concepts before you proceed to the next chapter. Peter Voogd often says mastery over information overload is extremely important and critical to your success.

Step Two

Information or instruction without action is like watching a cooking show and never actually cooking what you learned. To grow and adapt you need to follow the action steps that are there. That way you see results. Follow the action steps and in no time your life will change.

Step Three

Be consistent in everything you do. When you do that you are creating habits that will stay with you even after you have finished this book. Studies say it takes 90 days in order for a new habit to be formed. The unfortunate part is most people don’t follow through with a new habit and this pushes them back.


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