Quest For The W: When Winning Is Everything

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Quest for the W is an inspiring book based on real life
scenarios that will propel individuals to do self-inventory when it comes to
various aspects of choices made in life. It is also integrated with a
compelling story of a lost girl that came from troublesome beginnings, but
somehow managed to overcome adversity through trial and error. The book
discusses how to become free from situations that own you, how to stop saying
yes when you should say no, how to gain and protect your inner peace, and how to
identify relationships that do not contribute to the betterment of self. It’s
your personal guide that will allow you to take hold of your present situation
and reap the reward of ingenuity. It offers beneficial jewels that will destroy
confusion about your tomorrow. If your desire is to be in winning position,
then this book is for you.


IN THE WORLD of today one’s image has become extremely polarizing. The entertainment industry has established a stigma that young women must look a certain way or be a certain type to be impactful. That is by far the biggest misconception of reasoning and unfortunately has left a negative connotation on many women.

To be impactful on a positive level there must first be self-love and sense of direction. Some women fail to realize that perception of self, is a key factor to the overall image.


To embrace our image, we must start with self-awareness. It is imperative to know who we are, what we have been through, and how we overcame those challenges. Often, life experiences can impact our lives without us being knowledgeable of what’s taking place thus, causing low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. Most negative experiences such as, bullying, molestation, abusive relationships, and family issues, can have a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves. Such experiences can leave a negative imprint in our lives, unfortunately, not all encounters are good ones, but it is how we channel the energy from those situations that will allow us to embrace who we are, and focus on the betterment of self.

     Regardless of the situations that have taken place in our lives, we must view ourselves as worthy. Some may ask, ‘how can I be worthy when I’ve been treated as less’? The answer is very simple, develop the confidence needed to propel you to greatness. It must come from within and you must learn to love yourself despite what you have been through. Turn the negative energy into positive energy. Do not allow negative situations to dictate who you are or where you want to be in life. Confidence is essential in being productive individuals because self-image has an impact on our happiness. If we do not believe that we are worthy of acceptance, then how can we expect others to believe?

Lost Girl

What do you think the self-image of a little girl growing up in a household with an abusive step-father would be? Imagine her innocence slipping away as she watches her mother getting abused and her mother’s means of escape becomes alcohol. The step-father decides to up the ante by eventually making advances toward the little girl. She refuses to succumb to his requests so the physical abuse begins. The little girl feels helpless because her mom is in no position to help so she takes her cry for help to a friend. The child is freed from the situation, but the psychological damage had already been done.With no father in her life to teach her the value of love from a man she wonders aimlessly during adolescence on a quest to find it.

Perception of Others

Many often concern themselves with how others view them and it causes them to make changes that aren’t necessary. A prime example is the size of a woman. Society has placed a stigma on many women that are oversized because it is not deemed to be the ideal image. Another example that has become an epidemic in young women of today to feel good about themselves is getting butt injections or implants. It totally baffles me why women would go through such extremities to gain approval. By no means am I saying that there is anything wrong with enhancing who you are if it makes you feel better about yourself. The point I am conveying is women who are affected by such perceptions resort to different measures of surgical procedures not considering the long-term ramifications when altering the body.

      Self-love should not come with a price that could result in botched surgeries or ultimately, death. First, you must love yourself enough to see yourself as beautiful just the way you are. Second, if something becomes a dominating factor in your life that is causing you unhappiness then find a healthy solution to become a happier you. If someone says that your stomach is fat, does that automatically convey that you need to get liposuction or some sort of surgery to reduce the fat? Absolutely not! That is simply an opinion. If you are comfortable with the way your stomach looks, then nothing needs to be done because you are content with the way it looks; however, if your stomach fat has bothered you all along and an outside opinion made you feel compelled to do something then try some healthy exercises that will get you the results you desire. Here’s a better example to drive home the point. If someone stated to you that they hated your skin color, does that mean you should bleach your skin or darken it to appease them? Others perception of you should not be a determining factor because their opinion does not make it factual and can often be very distorted.

     Our strengths and weaknesses become a direct manifestation of how we view ourselves, how we perform and how others value us. There is always room for improvement, but the improvement needed should be something you deem necessary and not someone else. Perception of yourself will directly impact your self-image therefore, a full assessment of self, will allow you to look at your potential and assets while also examining your limitations and liabilities. Focus on the things that you offer, then the things you desire to work on by setting realistic healthy goals to become a better you. A quick fix by someone’s else standards or views can lead to disruptive behavior like alcohol abuse, drug addiction, eating disorders or suicide.

     You keep the power by knowing that you are worthy. Sure, we all want to look in the mirror and be happy with what we see, but it must first ignite from within. Imagine everyone walking around looking, acting, dressing and working the same. How boring would that be? We were uniquely and beautifully created therefore, we must embrace those differences. Positive self-image allows us to operate on a higher frequency emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. Do not allow others to dictate what you should look like to feel good about yourself. Acceptance of ourselves is the key element to getting the W.

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