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Aileen Friedman was raised in a small coastal town of South Africa called Amanzimtoti. She married, Ali, in 1982; in 1992 her family moved to the Western Cape and eventually settled in the coastal village, Gordon’s Bay. Aileen and Ali have been blessed with four daughters and six grandchildren.
When all her children had left their home and South Africa, Aileen and Ali sold everything they owned and left South Africa with the intent on traveling through South and Central America. Upon the news that their youngest daughter, living in Cozumel Mexico was expecting a child, they cut their travels short to be with her. They were only planning to stay in Cozumel for six months but fell in love with the Island and its people and subsequently decided to make Cozumel their home.
Aileen is an award-winning author of several published novels, she taps into her personal experiences for inspiration and her work has been very well-received throughout the world, for its accessibility and the believable characters she creates. Having been a dedicated Christian since 1989, her stories carry a message of hope and faith for all her readers.
Aileen is publishing another children’s book Jamie's Discoveries as well as her seventh novel My Heart and You. She is actively looking for a film company to produce her screenplay Changes From a Sunset that is based on her first novel.
Where ever Aileen resides or travels, she carries the message of God’s love to all that will hear.

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Peggy, Audrey, Dorothy, and Maisy; Four young ladies, four young friends studying Physics at University get recruited to join the Special Signal Services to serve their country as Radar Operators. At twenty years old they embark on exciting, sad and nervous times during World War II. They fall in love, they dance, they get challenged in many ways, but mostly they are bonded together by a tight camaraderie with the other officers serving at the Silversands and Hangklip Radar Stations.

The story begins when Audrey, Dorothy, and Maisy sit under a Weeping Willow tree in a park opposite the cemetery. They fondly remember Peggy, their precious lifelong friend of sixty-two years. Their grandchildren, are sent to look for them but instead of taking them home they sit on the luscious grass under the Weeping Willow tree and get transported back in time as Audrey tells them one of the greatest love stories of all time. Audrey tells them the love story of Lt. Harvey Newsome and Sgt. Peggy Hatcher.
But it is so much more than a love story between two people. It is a story of faith, hope, happiness, tragedy and immense despair. It is a story of a group of people that depend on God to bring them through trying times and to remain faithful when it seems impossible.

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Aileen Friedman