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ROCK Your Network Marketing Business will help you discover how to promote products, power prospect, present your opportunity, product or service, powerfully close, power start your new distributors & duplicate, plus much, much more.

Chapter 1: Demystifying the Big Build


Hey there, rock stars! Sarah “Rockin’” Robbins here. Welcome to the Rock Star Recruiting School. This book will teach you the system that helped me achieve seven-figure success, as well as many members of my team who have their own six-or-seven-figure success stories. Six-and-seven-figure success certainly didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t easy; it was certainly worth it. Here’s my story:


I’m a formerly shy teacher by trade, who was living in one of the more depressed economies in the country. I had just moved, married, and began my brand-new job teaching kindergarten. I was in my twenties. While I loved teaching, we were facing financial difficulties, paying bills with change.  I was also facing the loss of my job and our first home. This caused me to look for extra income, and my search led me to network marketing.


I first found my company when it was a top-selling clinical brand in high-end department stores. I began freelancing for the brand to supplement my teaching salary. During this time, our founders were looking for ways they could leverage their brand and bring it to the masses in today’s social economy. Because everyone is online, they decided to choose a social selling model and make a transition from retail to networking marketing. They asked me to join them, along with my mother Kris, and we said yes!


Because we were the first to join, we didn’t have training or marketing materials. In fact, we didn’t even have a compensation plan yet! All we had was our belief; we believed so strongly in the opportunity we were offering and the product we were promoting.  From the outside looking in, it may not have appeared that we would have a very high “survival rate,” but today my mother and I are both seven-figure income earners within our company.


commitment to personal and professional growth, we were able to establish a system and help others get off to a great start. I was able to retire from teaching so I could pursue my dream of starting a foundation for children.  In four years, by the age of twenty-nine, I became our company’s first six-figure monthly earner, and we’ve since mentored many six-and-seven-figure annual earners on our team. Many have earned free company cars and are enjoying luxury trips to fabulous destinations around the world! I’m proud of what our profession has done for people! My greatest joy is what we are able to give. We offer hope and freedom to those who join us in this incredible business model, and we also give hope to those outside our opportunity as we are now able to bless them with our time, talent, and resources.


Success in network marketing didn’t come easy for me. I wasn’t a fast starter, and I failed forward quite a bit. But the most important thing was that I didn’t quit, and I learned a lot.


Failing Forward


I recently had coffee with one of my mentors and friends, Leslie, who reminded me of my early days when I used to be one of the lowest earning leaders within the company. Leslie reminded me of the time she and I went out to an Italian restaurant after an event. She recalled, “I remember you crying over your pasta, wondering how you were ever going to make $3,000 per month in network marketing, and here you are today making six-figures per month! Sarah, when people ask me how you did it, I simply say one thing: ‘She was coachable.’” Leslie was right!


When I started my business, success didn’t come easy for me. I had many challenges some may view as hurdles, even from the starting gates: I was young, broke, most of my network was young and broke, and I was shy. In fact, I remember approaching someone for the first time about my products at a cosmetic counter. My hands were shaking, my knees were knocking, and I literally saw stars! I remember doing the “network marketing verbal vomit” all over her. She just stared at me like a deer in headlights. I was so embarrassed! I ran out to my car, cried, and called my mom. When I asked my mom if I should go back, she said, “No, don’t go back there. Get out of there!” So I put the pedal to the metal, and cried the whole way home. I wondered how I would ever be able to succeed in the business of networking if I was afraid to talk to people.  Yet, I didn’t want to give up. I needed to earn extra money in case I lost my teaching job due to school budget cuts. Although I was shy, I was coachable—I was willing to learn and plug into a proven system.  I was committed—I wasn’t going to give up until I surpassed my teaching income!


When I started my business, my only desire was to earn an extra $3,000 per month in case I lost my teaching job. My mom and I were the first consultants in the company, so we had no upline leading and guiding us. Having been a product educator formerly for our company, I did what I knew how to do: I started selling a lot of product! I was earning a few hundred to a thousand dollars residual income each month. As people reordered products, the money kept coming in for effort I put forth previously. This was great considering I only had very part-time hours to put into my business. My mom (who’s my upline) loved it because she was making a great residual income from my sales, too! We felt like we were on to something, and that this business opportunity was our best kept secret! So one day, my mom called me and said, “Sarah, this opportunity is so huge! Let’s not tell anyone! Let’s keep this our own little secret!” (We didn’t have a fully executed compensation plan at the time, so we figured we would just continue to sell.) How many of you know, in a business of networking, that’s the last thing you want to do? But being a good daughter I said, “Okay!” and committed to just continue selling products! Now of course, that didn’t last long. We eventually “saw the light” through reading books about our profession. We became students of the profession. I read many stories of top earners in our profession; I quickly learned that all of the six-and-seven-figure earners leveraged their time and increased their income by building a team—one simple shift. When I made the shift from product sales to power prospecting for the business, I watched my check go from a few thousand dollars to more than $10,000 per month in just a few months. That’s the power of prospecting.


Finding Success Through Prospecting


What is prospecting? Different dictionary versions define it as “looking for gold.” Prospecting is the process of talking to people in hopes that you will find some who are interested in joining you in promoting your products or services, or in joining your business. In the process of these conversations, you’ll “sift through” a lot of people to find a few who will join you. Then you’ll have a lot of people join you, of who will work at varying paces. Keep in mind, it only takes a few “power partners” to change your life! That’s your “gold”! Remember, you may have to talk to a lot to find those few, much like sifting for gold. If I told you that you had three gold bricks in your backyard, would you continue to dig until you found them? I would! I’m living proof of this concept. I’ve been sifting for a long time. I’ve probably talked to thousands of people since I started my business more than five years ago. I’ve had more than one hundred people join me as business partners. Of those, I have about thirty people still working our business at a moderate pace. Of those, I have ten top leaders in our pay plan at this time. Of those, about three people account for a good majority of my income. What happened to the rest? As a teacher, I pride myself on education, but I quickly realized you can’t motivate people who are unwilling to do what it takes to succeed. They need to want it for themselves more than you want it for them. I can’t take credit for peoples’ success or failure. I am only responsible to get them off to a great start. People will work at varying paces. Some people order product, some occasionally promote it, and some even enter into the “witness protection program”—they buy a kit and disappear!  As you can see, there is power in working through the numbers. If you want to be successful in network marketing, you’ll be sifting and sorting until you find your key leaders. You will never stop prospecting!


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