Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet

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Anyone in sales will find inspiration and
motivation in this unique literary experience that provides the keys to
excellent sales results.

Discover in an entertaining way how to sell more and better with an original
book, easy and quick to read:

– A combination of fiction and commercialscience, with an effective narrative that reveals the hidden truths to sellmore and better.

– A book with much humor, to have fun

– A must read to beginners in sales and also
for experts who need a refresher.

– With the keys to understanding the balance
between products, salespersons and customers.

– A trip to the past to discover the future,
with eternal sales techniques that will always be valid.

– A book that every salesperson needs to

– Learn in a short time what it takes years
to discover. 

Among many other topics, you will learn about:

– What means to sell and be a salesperson .

– Customer needs, motivations and

– Recognizing your main weaknesses and

– How to sell a product. The necessity of
selling ideas.

– Dealing with the quality, the brand and
personal branding.

– How to target each stage of the product
life cycle. 

– How to better know our customer and
identify potential clients. 

– How to better manage our effort and

– How to optimize customer satisfaction.

– How to get customer loyalty, the final


After the success of the Spanish version,
now it is available the English edition, a must-read for the millions of
salesmen, entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketing and sales professionals,
start-ups and students. 

If you sell, or want to sell more and better, this book is for you. Do not
leave your destiny to chance.

Start now to differentiate yourself, download the book now and get results

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Raúl Sánchez Gilo