The Janes

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The Janes 

“Don’t doubt them. Don’t doubt anything about them; especially the Blonde One.”

Unlike most, Jane had the perfect life. She was happy, content, and the perfect wife. Her marriage was solid, but they were missing one thing; a house and children, which led them to S.J. Lane.
But who knew that because of one bad decision, everything, her whole life would change.

In a community, were everyone has the same name. Where lies and truth, are one in the same…
Who can you trust? 
What do you believe?
What if the giver, is only giving to receive?
Jane’s life gets turned upside down. And only THE JANES has the power to turn it all around.
But little did she know that she was apart of one big game. And the biggest question of all was…which Jane was pulling the strings?
Through secrets and pain, Jane learns the hard way, that not all problems, have an easy fix.
Sometimes A JANE has to be thrown in the mix!


“Someone is following me.” “What?” “I know it sounds
strange, but for the last few days…it’s just this feeling,” I said to my
husband, glancing behind me again, just before I entered the coffee shop. “What
are you talking about Jane? Who would be following you?” “I don’t know. No one
I suppose. Maybe I’m just on edge from the burglaries that’s been happening
near our condos lately.” “Yeah. Maybe. Well, if you get some down time today,
maybe you should look at a few listings.”


“I’ll try. The sooner we find a house, the better.” “Right.
Because then…it’s baby-making time,” Brice cheered. “Humph, just plain ole’
nasty,” I giggled. “Can we do something nasty later?” “Sure. First, I’m going
to take off all of my clothes, slowly. You’re going to ask to touch


me, but I’m going to make you wait. Then, ohhh, then I’m
going to walk into the bathroom, sit on the toilet…and then I’ll call you when
it’s time to wipe my ass. Oh, yeah baby, nice and nasty,” I snickered. “Damn.
You sure know how to soften up a hard dick,” Brice grunted. “Thanks for the
compliment, baby,” I laughed at him, as I approached the counter. “Anyway, I’ll
call you once I make it to the office. I love you. Bye,” I said, smiled at the
cashier and placed my order to go. “Excuse me. It wasn’t my intention to
eavesdrop, but I overheard you say that you were looking for a house. If you
want, I can give you my realtor’s card. She’s really good,” the lady behind me
said, pulled out her wallet and handed me a card.


“Thank you.” “No problem. I’m sure that she will be able to
find you something,” she assured me, as I got my coffee and she stepped up in
line. I tucked the card into my purse and headed out of the door in a rush.


I checked my surroundings, just to see if I saw anything out
of the norm. “Jane, no one is following you. Get yourself together,” I scolded
myself aloud for being paranoid. In a rush to beat the morning traffic, I
hopped into my car and pulled off, but not before I noticed the lady who handed
me the card coming out of the coffee shop…without a coffee, or anything else
for that matter. Hmm…I guess she changed her mind.


We turned down a street called S.J. Lane. I squealed once we
stopped in front of a big white and yellow house with the cutest little porch
swing. Big, green, oak trees swayed gracefully all around us and it seemed as
if the sun was shining just a little bit brighter on the house that we were
there to see.


“I love it already,” I whispered to myself. Studying the
other houses on the street, I noticed that all of them looked the same. Every
single house was the same color, same build, same curb appeal and even the same
exact flowers—including the one that we were there to see. I wasn’t a fan of
blending in, but luckily, giving things a little bit of “flavor” was my specialty.
The realtor waved and headed in our direction. “Hi Guys! We’ve been talking for
weeks, but it’s nothing like putting faces with names—or should I say faces
with voices? Anyway, you must be Brice. And you my dear, must be Jane,” she
said and extended a hand.

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