They Walk Among Us

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They Walk Among Us is a love story spanning two realities. Explore the mystery of the angels. Who are the Guardians, Messengers and Keepers of the Light? Discover the secrets of Love Whispering for a fulfilling and joyful romantic relationship. Surrender into your heart. Immerse into Love in all its forms. My books provide a mystical and connected pathway toward peace, joy and bliss. For the optimal experience, read They Walk Among Us after you have read I Am and Heart Song. Then progress to the serene and meditative The Other Side. Reflections is your delicious dessert. Read the first chapter free by clicking Look Inside.

Stephen Shaw is a Spiritual Teacher and Author. His bestselling books and seminars raise individual consciousness and contribute to spiritual awakening. Stephen has travelled across the world, encountering African, Peruvian and Mexican shamans, Bhutanese monks, global enlightened masters, sensual tantrikas and divine healers. All this has culminated in radical personal transformation, highest spiritual teachings, access to the multi-dimensions, and immersion in the Light. Stephen Shaw’s mystical books reveal the secrets for deep love, profound healing, joyful living and spiritual transcendence. Visit the website:

Excerpt of Customer Reviews (from Amazon USA book page):

“Heartfelt, deep, mystical, warm, inspiring – and that’s just the author! Seriously though, They Walk Among Us is an awesome spiritual adventure involving the entire hierarchy of angels and the pursuit of Love on every level. Gripping, intense, romantic and meditative, it is my favourite book of the year. Highly recommended for those walking the spiritual path.”

“They Walk Among Us is an intriguing and delightful adventure into the angelic realms. This book is both mystical and practical, conveying teachings about love in all its forms. The secrets of ‘Love Whispering’ offer fabulous guidelines for romantic and everyday relationships. I learned a lot about how to have a magical relationship that thrives. Read this story and shift your essence to the next level.”

“If you ever wanted to truly understand the role of angels and how they influence and effect our lives, this book will explain it to you in the most beautiful way. Stephen Shaw’s writing is always an exquisite blend of heart-moving story, intriguing mysticism and hidden truth. Guiding the seeker along a wonderful journey toward self-understanding and spiritual discovery.”

“They Walk Among Us is a mysterious and magical journey into the Heart. A spiritual voyage flowing and turning through transcendent realms. Stephen Shaw is the most interesting mystical writer I have ever encountered. All his books are must-reads for the spiritual seeker.”

“How deep is our experience of love? They Walk Among Us illustrates the infinite possibilities of the earthly experience and ways in which we are assisted on our path. It shares with us, through layers of understanding, our potential from within and in Oneness. It weaves us into the depths of ineffable love interpersonally, relationally and spiritually through the lives of Lailah and Michael who embody our Reality at a soul level. This is exemplary reading with exquisite soul-gripping lessons.”

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