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If you love reading as much as we do, here at Books 4 Dozens, you probably in constant search of websites that offer free eBooks  or at a  bare minimum, allows for free reading of books online. Now although you can find many free and fantastic books to read, right  here on, we scoured the web  to  compile a tidy list of the best places on the web where you can read books online free.



No real surprises here right ?  Now, strictly speaking amazon does not let you read  eBooks  online from start to finish. They do however give you a preview of the first few chapters of the eBooks listed on their marketplace. However when  an eBook is on promotion and is free, you can download the book to your desired platform and then read the book in its entirety at no cost. The free books offered on Amazon’s marketplace constantly change as authors run different  marketing campaigns to promote their books. Most often a book is free, for a limited period of time which can be anywhere from one to five days. By giving the eBook away for free, the author attempts to rack  up as many downloads as possible, in hopes of getting  as many reviews as possible.  So you have to be fast to snap up these  free eBooks. Use this link to find  all the current free eBooks on Amazon.


Read Books Online Free

Source : Amazon.Com




If you are an avid reader, you already more then likely heard of Goodreads or you probably even a member.  It is often regarded as the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Their mission is to help people find and share books they love.  What a lot of people might not know,is the fact that their is a great deal of free books on their site, some which can be read only online, and some which can be downloaded in a variety of formats such epub,pdf and kindle.  Use this link to find free books on Goodreads.


Read Books Online Free

Source : GoodReads.Com




Most people who have an android device, and who hear the words “Google Play”  immediate think about either apps or games or both. However Google Play , also offers a ton of eBooks! Many of which are free. Once your hit  “get” on any listed free book the book is added to your library. You have a few options in terms of how you can read your book, since your book is  stored in the cloud, you use any web browser to read at anytime, or you can also read on your tablet device, using the  Google Play book app. To download  your book on your pc or mac you will need to have  Adobe Digital Editions installed. Use this link to find free books on Google Play.

Read Books Online Free
Source : Play.Google.Com




Project Gutenberg offers  well over 54,000 free eBooks. This site may not be every readers cup of tea, especially  because it houses a lot of older  literature for which the copyright has expired.  Having said that, if  you do  fancy older literature, this site may very well be for you. There are some great  features offered by this site such as, the large number of options  you have when  deciding how you would like to read a book. You can read  online, or download the book in many different formats like kindle, epub, and plain text to name just a few! The site derives its income from donations, so there are also no ads on this site whatsoever.  A site you definitely want to add to the very top of your favorites list.


Read Books Online Free

Source : Gutenberg.Org






Read Books Online Free

Source : Readanybook.Com


ReadAnyBook  offers one of the largest catalog of free eBooks  we have ever seen. The nonfiction genre alone has  over five hundred thousand books available. You can find eBooks in all major genres which means it has a book for every  type bookworm. The site allows for reading of books online and for downloading of books. The latter requires a registered account and a credit card. Why? Because they are only licensed to distribute their content to certain countries and ask that you verify your mailing address by providing them with a valid credit card number. They go on and GUARANTEE that NO CHARGES will be applied for validating your account. We have  completed the signup and  can verify that no additional charges where incurred. If you choose not to signup, you can still read most of the books online. Overall, we found the site to offer a very pleasant reading experience,  which was complemented by the  “full screen” reading functionality. A site to definitely  include in your bookmarks.



Next on our list is This one of the very few sites on the web that offers readers, thousands and thousands of hours of free reading.  In addition some eBooks can be downloaded in epub format for reading at your leisure.The only negative aspect of this site is, the fact that not all books are  downloadable. Some authors  who have uploaded their books to this website have disabled this feature, in which case, you can still read the book online. We really love the fact  that unlike ReadanyBook.Com  this site does not require any account or credit card for you to be able to download a book ( if allowed by the author). We highly recommend that bookworms check out this site.



Do you love vampire books and novels? Well then this is a site for you. They have thousands of  vampire  books which also include trilogies  like the beloved Twilight Saga. Reading is absolutely free and does not require any account, however the ads on this site can be obstructive  to your reading at times.  Also to note, unlike the other sites we have listed above, you cannot download any books.  A great resource for vampire book lovers.



We feel like it was a bit biased to include our own site in this list, but we also feel that our loyal readers should be made aware of the fact  that we have updated  the listing requirements for all new books listed on our site. All eBooks listed on Books 4 Dozens will now include not only a detailed synopsis but the entire first chapter at  the bare  minimum. So you can do some online reading right here at Books 4 Dozens. We have plenty of eBooks that has been listed since we updated our terms of submission and these include many New York Times Best Sellers  like  : “American Gods”, “Split” and “The Alchemist” to name, just a  few. 



Read Books Online Free

Source : Books4Dozens.Com



This is an  excellent site for book lovers, the site has a great variety of books and a great quantity of books stretched out across all genres . The site itself  is extremely well structured , making for an overall, great experience. Each book has a book cover with a synopsis and an average rating for the book. In addition you are able to easily skip between pages and chapters of a book.  Reading books is absolutely free !

We did see some ads on the site, but they are strategically positioned so a,s not to interfere with the readers experience.


Read Books Online Free


Source : Khnovel.Com



We had our doubts about including this next website on our list and this  arose purely from the number of advertisements that this sites harbors. 8Novels.Net has  a decent catalog of books across all genres, which was our primary reason for including it on this list. This is a  very basic site, so don’t expect any images, in fact the site is completely text based apart from the advertisements which seem to be everywhere. In addition the site and does not offer “full screen” reading, so if you use to more modern sites, like the ones listed above, this site may not  be for you.

On the positive side  8Novels.Net allows readers to browse books by genre or by author. The authors span from  novice authors to  famous authors like Amanda Hocking and Stephenie Meyer. While this site may not be for modern book worms, we believe  that it is still  worth checking out.



This list will be updated monthly with new sources  on the web  that offer free reading online. If your website offers this service and you would like to have it featured  in this article, please contact us here.

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